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J. A. Todd

John Arthur Todd FRS was a British geometer. He was born in Liverpool, and went to Trinity... more »

J. Arthur Seebach, Jr.

J. Arthur Seebach, Jr was an American mathematician. He received his Ph.D. in 1968 from... more »

J. Barkley Rosser

John Barkley Rosser Sr. was an American logician, a student of Alonzo Church, and known for his... more »

J. C. P. Miller

Jeffrey Charles Percy Miller was an English mathematician and computing pioneer. He worked in... more »

J. Ernest Wilkins, Jr.

Jesse Ernest Wilkins, Jr. was an African American nuclear scientist, engineer, mathematician,... more »

J. H. C. Whitehead

John Henry Constantine Whitehead FRS, known as Henry, was a British mathematician and was one of... more »

J. Hyam Rubinstein

J. Hyam Rubinstein FAA is an Australian mathematician specialising in low-dimensional topology,... more »

J. Michael Steele

John Michael Steele is C.F. Koo Professor of Statistics at the Wharton School of the University... more »

J. N. Srivastava

Jagdish Narain Srivastava was an Indian-born mathematician, statistician and a professor at... more »

J. Peter May

Jon Peter May is an American mathematician, working in the fields of algebraic topology,... more »

J. V. Uspensky

James Victor Uspensky was a Russian mathematician notable for writing Theory of Equations. He... more »

J. W. S. Cassels

John William Scott Cassels, FRS is a leading English mathematician. more »

J. Willard Gibbs

Josiah Willard Gibbs was an American scientist who made important theoretical contributions to... more »

Jaan Sarv

Jaan Sarv was an Estonian mathematician and educator. Most of his life he worked as a professor... more »

Jabir ibn Aflah

Abū Muḥammad Jābir ibn Aflaḥ was a Muslim astronomer and mathematician from Seville, who was... more »

Jack Edmonds

Jack R. Edmonds is a Canadian mathematician and computer scientist, regarded as one of the most... more »

Jack Hibbert

Sir Jack Hibbert was a British statistician and director of the Central Statistical Office of... more »

Jack Howlett

Jack Howlett CBE was a British mathematician and computer scientist who was head of the Atlas... more »

Jack Kiefer

Jack Carl Kiefer was an American statistician. more »

Jack Morava

Jack Johnson Morava is an American homotopy theorist. Of Czech and Appalachian descent, he was... more »

Jack van Lint

Jacobus Hendricus van Lint was a Dutch mathematician, professor at the Eindhoven University of... more »

Jacob Barnett

Jacob L. "Jake" Barnett is an American physics student and child prodigy. According to a memoir... more »

Jacob Bernoulli

Jacob Bernoulli was one of the many prominent mathematicians in the Bernoulli family. He was an... more »

Jacob Bronowski

Jacob Bronowski was a Polish-Jewish British mathematician, biologist, historian of science,... more »

Jacob Leupold

Jacob Leupold was a German physicist, scientist, mathematician, instrument maker, mining... more »

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