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Victor Ivrii

Victor Ivrii, FRSC is a Soviet, Canadian mathematician who specializes in analysis, microlocal... more »

Victor Kac

Victor G. Kac is a Soviet and American mathematician at MIT, known for his work in... more »

Victor Klee

Victor L. Klee, Jr. was a mathematician specialising in convex sets, functional analysis,... more »

Victor Kolyvagin

Victor Alexandrovich Kolyvagin is a Russian mathematician who wrote a series of papers on Euler... more »

Victor Lidskii

Victor Borisovich Lidskii was a Soviet and Ukrainian mathematician who worked in spectral... more »

Víctor Neumann-Lara

Víctor Neumann-Lara was a Mexican mathematician, pioneer in the field of graph theory in Mexico... more »

Victor Pan

Victor Ya. Pan is a Soviet and American mathematician and computer scientist. He earned his... more »

Victor Pavlovich Maslov

Viktor Pavlovich Maslov is a Russian physicist and mathematician. He is member of the Russian... more »

Victor Puiseux

Victor Alexandre Puiseux was a French mathematician and astronomer. Puiseux series are named... more »

Victor S. Miller

Victor Saul Miller is an American mathematician at the Center for Communications Research of the... more »

Victor Schlegel

Victor Schlegel was a German mathematician. He is remembered for promoting the geometric algebra... more »

Victor Shoup

Victor Shoup is a computer scientist and mathematician. He obtained a PhD in computer science... more »

Victor Thébault

Victor Thébault was a French mathematician best known for propounding three problems in... more »

Victor Wickerhauser

Mladen Victor Wickerhauser, born in Zagreb, SR Croatia, in 1959. He is a graduate of the... more »

Victor Zalgaller

Victor Abramovich Zalgaller is a mathematician in the fields of geometry and optimization. He is... more »

Viggo Brun

Viggo Brun was a Norwegian mathematician. He studied at the University of Oslo and began... more »

Viggo Stoltenberg-Hansen

Viggo Stoltenberg-Hansen, born 1942, professor at Uppsala University, Department of Mathematics,... more »

Vijay Kumar Patodi

Vijay Kumar Patodi was an Indian mathematician who made fundamental contributions to... more »


Vijayanandi was an Indian mathematician and astronomer who made contributions to trigonometry. more »

Vikraman Balaji

Vikraman Balaji is a professor of mathematics at Chennai Mathematical Institute. He completed... more »

Viktor Buchstaber

Viktor Matveyevich Buchstaber is a Soviet and Russian mathematician known for his work on... more »

Viktor Bunyakovsky

Viktor Yakovlevich Bunyakovsky was a Russian mathematician, member and later vice president of... more »

Viktor Sadovnichiy

Viktor Antonovich Sadovnichiy is a Russian mathematician, winner of the 1989 USSR State Prize... more »

Viktor Wagner

Viktor Vladimirovich Wagner, also Vagner was a Russian mathematician, best known for his work in... more »

Viktoras Biržiška

Viktoras Biržiška was a Lithuanian mathematician, engineer, journalist, and encyclopedist of... more »

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