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W. B. R. Lickorish

William Bernard Raymond Lickorish is a mathematician. He is emeritus professor of geometric... more »

W. Hugh Woodin

William Hugh Woodin is an American mathematician and set theorist at Harvard University. He has... more »

W. R. Alford

William Robert "Red" Alford was an American mathematician who worked in the field of number theory. more »

W. R. Dean

William Reginald Dean was a British applied mathematician and fluid dynamicist. His research... more »

W. T. Tutte

William Thomas Tutte OC FRS FRSC, known as Bill Tutte, was a British, later Canadian,... more »

W. V. D. Hodge

William Vallance Douglas Hodge FRS was a Scottish mathematician, specifically a geometer. His... more »

W. W. Rouse Ball

Walter William Rouse Ball, known as W. W. Rouse Ball, was a British mathematician, lawyer, and... more »

W. Wesley Peterson

William Wesley Peterson was an American mathematician and computer scientist. He was best known... more »

Wacław Sierpiński

Wacław Franciszek Sierpiński was a Polish mathematician. He was known for outstanding... more »

Wada Nei

Wada Yenzō Nei, also known as Wada Yasushi, was a Japanese mathematician in the Edo period. His... more »

Wadim Zudilin

Wadim Zudilin is a Russian number theorist who is active in studying hypergeometric functions... more »

Walcher of Malvern

Walcher of Malvern, also known as Walcher of Lorraine or Doctor Walcher, was the second Prior of... more »

Wallace Givens

James Wallace Givens, Jr. was a mathematician and a pioneer in computer science. He is the... more »

Wally Smith

Walter Laws "Wally" Smith is a British-born American mathematician, known for his contributions... more »

Waloddi Weibull

Ernst Hjalmar Waloddi Weibull was a Swedish engineer, scientist, and mathematician. Weibull came... more »

Walter Benz

Walter Benz is a German mathematician, an expert in geometry. Benz studied at the Johannes... more »

Walter Carnielli

Walter Alexandre Carnielli is a Brazilian mathematician, logician, and philosopher, full... more »

Walter Feit

Walter Feit was a Jewish Austrian-American mathematician who worked in finite group theory and... more »

Walter Francis Willcox

Walter Francis Willcox, Ph.D., LL.D. was an American statistician. He was born in Reading,... more »

Walter Gage

Walter Henry Gage, CC was a Canadian professor and academic administrator. more »

Walter Gautschi

Walter Gautschi is a Swiss-American mathematician, known for his contributions to numerical... more »

Walter Hayman

Walter Kurt Hayman FRS is a British mathematician known for contributions to complex analysis... more »

Walter Noll

Walter Noll is a mathematician, and Professor Emeritus at Carnegie Mellon University. He is best... more »

Walter Rudin

Walter Rudin was an American mathematician and professor of Mathematics at the University of... more »

Walter Taylor

Walter Taylor was a Trinity College, Cambridge tutor who coached 83 students in the 1724–1743... more »

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