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G. Mahathevan

G. Mahathevan is a Malaysian footballer currently playing for Penang FA in Malaysia Premier... more »

G. Van Den Burgh

G. Van Den Burgh was an Indonesian football midfielder who played for the Dutch East Indies in... more »

G.H.V.L. Faulhaber

G.H.V.L. Faulhaber was an Indonesian football midfielder who played for the Dutch East Indies in... more »

Gabe Gala

Gabriel "Gabe" Gala is a Nigerian-born Canadian former professional soccer player who last... more »

Gabe Latigue

Gabe Latigue is an American soccer player who currently plays for New England Revolution in... more »

Gabi Riera

Gabriel Riera Lancha is an Andorran footballer who plays for Principat in the Andorran First... more »

Gabino Rodríguez Rodríguez

Gabino Rodríguez Rodríguez, simply Gabino, is a Spanish retired footballer who played as an... more »

Gabino Sosa

Gabino Sosa was an Argentine football midfielder who played for Central Córdoba and the... more »

Gábor Bukrán

Gábor Bukrán is a Hungarian professional footballer who plays in Belgium for Union Royale... more »

Gábor Egressy

Gábor Egressy is a Hungarian football player. more »

Gábor Erős

Gábor Erős is a Hungarian football midfielder. He currently plays for Gyirmót SE. more »

Gábor Gerstenmájer

Gábor Gerstenmájer is a Romanian footballer of German descent, who won the Romanian Golden Boot... more »

Gábor Gyömbér

Gábor Gyömbér is a Hungarian football player who currently plays for Ferencváros. more »

Gábor Halmai

Gábor Halmai is a retired Hungarian football player. He made his debut for the Hungarian... more »

Gábor Straka

Gábor Straka is a Slovak footballer who currtenly plays for MŠK - Thermál Veľký Meder. more »

Gábor Vincze

Gábor Vincze is a retired Hungarian football player. During his career he had a spell at... more »

Gábor Zavadszky

Gábor Zavadszky was a Hungarian footballer. Zavadszky was a midfielder and first played for MTK... more »

Gabri García

Gabriel Francisco García de la Torre, aka Gabri, is a Spanish footballer who plays for FC... more »

Gabriel Agbonlahor

Gabriel Imuetinyan "Gabby" Agbonlahor is an English footballer of Nigerian-Scottish heritage who... more »

Gabriel Boștină

Gabriel Boştină, is a Romanian football player. He is a midfielder. more »

Gabriel Caballero

Gabriel Esteban Caballero Schiker is a Mexican-Argentine footballer midfielder, who last played... more »

Gabriel Calderón

Gabriel Humberto Calderón is a former Argentine football midfielder and coach who currently... more »

Gabriel Caramarin

Gabriel Gheorghe Caramarin is a retired Romanian football player, and current assistant coach of... more »

Gabriel Cichero

Gabriel Cichero is a Venezuelan football defender who currently plays for FC Nantes in French... more »

Gabriel Donizete de Santana

Gabriel Donizete de Santana, or simply Gabriel, is a Brazilian Midfielder who currently plays... more »

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