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'Amr ibn al-'As

`Amr ibn al-`As was an Arab military commander who is most noted for leading the Muslim conquest... more »

Émile Zurlinden

Émile Zurlinden was French Minister of War between 5 September 1898 and 17 September 1898. He... more »

İsmail Hakkı Bey

İsmail Hakkı Bey was an officer of the Ottoman Army and the Turkish Army. He was also a son of... more »

Ömer Seyfettin

Ömer Seyfettin, also Omer Seyfeddin, was a Turkish nationalist writer from late 19th to early... more »

Óscar Carmona

António Óscar Fragoso Carmona, ComC, GCA, ComSE, was the 11th President of Portugal, having been... more »

Şehzade Mehmed Burhaneddin Efendi

Şehzade Mehmed Burhaneddin Efendi is the son of Abdul Hamid II and Mezide Mestan Haseki Kadın... more »

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