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Jesse Leal

Jesse Leal is the father of Sharon Leal. more »

Jesse Ray Ward

Jesse Ray "J. Ray" Ward was a United States Marshal in the closing years of the Old West period... more »

Jessica Alupo

Major Jessica Rose Epel Alupo, commonly known as Jessica Alupo, is a Ugandan politician,... more »

Jim Bowie

James "Jim" Bowie was a nineteenth-century American pioneer, soldier, smuggler, slave trader,... more »

Jim Sanders

Lt. Col. Jim Clay "Sandy" Sanders was a US Air Force veteran who served in World War II, The... more »

Jimi Hendrix

James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix was an American musician, singer, and songwriter. Although his... more »

Jimmy Carter

James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr. is an American politician who served as the 39th President of the... more »

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter is the father of Joelle Carter. more »

Jimmy Damon

Jimmy Damon is the father of Johnny Damon. more »

Joachim Müncheberg

Joachim Müncheberg was a German Luftwaffe fighter ace during World War II. A flying ace or... more »

Joan Marie Engel

Rear Admiral Joan Marie Engel held the position as the 18th Director of the Navy Nurse Corps... more »

João do Canto e Castro

João do Canto e Castro da Silva Antunes, commonly known as João do Canto e Castro or just Canto... more »

João Tamagnini Barbosa

João Tamagnini de Sousa Barbosa, commonly known by João Tamagnini Barbosa, or Tamagnini Barbosa,... more »

Joaquim Pimenta de Castro

Joaquim Pereira Pimenta de Castro, 10th Count of Pimenta de Castro was a Portuguese army officer... more »

Joaquín Eufrasio Guzmán

Joaquín Eufrasio Guzmán was President of El Salvador 15 February 1845 - 1 February 1846. This... more »

Joffre Soares

Joffre Soares was a Brazilian film actor. He appeared in 100 films between 1963 and 1996. more »

Johan Oscar Smith

Johan Oscar Smith was a Norwegian Christian leader who founded the evangelical... more »

Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg

Reichsfreiherr and Reichsgraf Marshal Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg was a German... more »

Johann Patkul

Johann Reinhold Patkul, was a Livonian nobleman, politician, and agitator of Baltic German... more »

Johannes Kaufmann

Johannes Kaufmann was the father of Christine Kaufmann. more »

John A. Powers

John Anthony Powers, better known as Shorty Powers, was an American public affairs officer for... more »

John Alexander Fraser

Major John Alexander Fraser GC MC and Bar was a British colonial officer who was posthumously... more »

John Alexander McClernand

John Alexander McClernand was an American lawyer and politician, and a Union general in the... more »

John Anderson

John Anderson is the father of Miles Anderson. more »

John Anderson

John Anderson was a colonel who served as acting governor of New Jersey in 1736. more »

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