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Robert Hunter

Robert Hunter was a British military officer, colonial governor of New York and New Jersey from... more »

Robert L. Bacon

Robert Low Bacon was an American politician, a banker, Lieutenant Colonel, and congressman from... more »

Robert Laycock

Major General Sir Robert Edward Laycock, KCMG, CB, DSO, KStJ was a British Army officer, most... more »

Robert Longenecker

Robert Longenecker was a military officer, photographer and cinematographer. more »

Robert Moresby

Robert Moresby was a captain of the British Royal Navy who distinguished himself as a... more »

Robert Murray

Robert Murray was an officer in the Royal Navy who served during the American War of... more »

Robert Murray

Brigadier-General Robert Murray was a Scottish soldier and Member of Parliament, the third son... more »

Robert Napier

Lieutenant-General Robert Napier was an officer of the British Army. more »

Robert O'Brien, Jr.

Robert O'Brien, Jr. was a military officer. more »

Robert Olds

Robert Olds was a general officer in the United States Army Air Forces, theorist of strategic... more »

Robert Scallon

Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Irvin Scallon GCB, KCIE, DSO was a British officer in the Indian Army. more »

Robert Suchet

Robert Suchet is a captain in the Royal Marines. more »

Robert Temple Emmet

Robert Temple Emmet was a United States Army Colonel who was a recipient of the Medal of Honor... more »

Robert White

Robert White was an early American physician, military officer, pioneer, and planter in the... more »

Robert Yates

Robert Yates was a military officer and the father of Peter Yates. more »

Robin Olds

Robin Olds was an American fighter pilot and general officer in the U.S. Air Force. He was a... more »

Roger Evans

Major-General Roger Evans, CB, MC was a British Army officer who commanded 1st Armoured Division... more »

Roger W. Mehle

Roger W. Mehle was the husband of Dorian Leigh. more »

Roi Klein

Roi Klein was an Israeli Major in the Golani Brigade of the Israeli Defense Forces and one of... more »

Rokus Bernardus Visser

Mochammad Idjon Djanbi adalah mantan anggota Korps Speciale Troepen KNIL dan komandan Kopassus... more »

Roland Haas

Roland Haas is a military officer and a writer. more »

Romuald Traugutt

Romuald Traugutt was a Polish general and war hero, best known for commanding the January... more »

Ronald Adam

Ronald Adam OBE, born Ronald George Hinings Adams, was a British officer of the RFC and RAF, an... more »

Rovshan Javadov

Rovshan Javadov was an officer in the Azerbaijani Armed Forces and the chief of the Special... more »

Roy Alwood McCallum

Roy Alwood McCallum was a military pilot. more »

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