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'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah

'Abdullah ibn Rawahah ibn Tha'labah was one of the companions of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. more »

'Aziz 'Ali al-Misri

Aziz Ali al-Misri was an Egyptian officer and politician. He co-founded of al-Qahtaniyya and... more »

1992 European Community Monitor Mission helicopter downing

The 1992 European Community Monitor Mission helicopter downing was an incident that occurred... more »

8-Pass Charlie

8-Pass Charlie was the codename of an unknown Pakistan Air Force B-57 bomber ace who raided the... more »

Álvaro de Bazán the Elder

Don Álvaro de Bazán, called the Elder was a Spanish naval commander from an old navarrese noble... more »

Álvaro de Bazán, 1st Marquis of Santa Cruz

Álvaro de Bazán, 1st Marquis of Santa Cruz de Mudela, was a Spanish admiral. more »

Ángel Canavery

Angel Mateo Canavery was a Lieutenant Colonel of the Argentine Army during the Conquest of the... more »

Ángel Vivas

Ángel Omar Vivas Perdomo is a Venezuelan Brigadier General. He has made himself known as an... more »

Čeněk of Wartenberg

Čeněk of Wartenberg was a commander of the Royalist Bohemian forces at the start of the Hussite... more »

Çevik Bir

Çevik Bir is a retired Turkish army general. He was a member of the Turkish General Staff in the... more »

Čolak-Anta Simeonović

Anta Simeonović, Simeunović or Simonović, known as Čolak-Anta was a Serbian Voivode, one of the... more »

Éamonn Ceannt

Éamonn Ceannt, born Edward Thomas Kent, was an Irish republican, mostly known for his role in... more »

Éamonn O'Doherty

Éamonn O’Doherty was an Irish republican and onetime chief of staff of the Provisional Irish... more »

Édouard Guillaud

Admiral Édouard Guillaud is a French Navy officer and admiral. He has devoted a significant part... more »

Édouard Jean Joseph de Laborde de Marchainville

Édouard Jean Joseph de Laborde de Marchainville was a French explorer and naval officer. more »

Édouard Thomas Burgues de Missiessy

Édouard-Thomas de Burgues, comte de Missiessy was a French sailor. Joining the navy at the age... more »

Élie Frédéric Forey

Élie Frédéric Forey was a Marshal of France. more »

Émile Driant

Émile Augustin Cyprien Driant was a French nationalist writer, politician, and army officer. He... more »

Émile Fayolle

Marie Émile Fayolle was a Marshal of France. Fayolle studied at the École polytechnique, where... more »

Émile Gentil

Émile Gentil was a French colonial administrator, naval officer, and colonial military... more »

Émile Lemonnier

Émile René Lemonnier was a French Army general who served during World War I and World War II... more »

Émile Muselier

Émile Henry Muselier was a French admiral who led the Free French Naval Forces during World War... more »

Émile Paul Amable Guépratte

Émile Paul Aimable Guépratte was a French admiral. Guépratte was born in Granville to a family... more »

Émile Régnier

This article is a part of Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Military Sous Lieutenant Émile Julien... more »

Étienne Eustache Bruix

Étienne Eustache Bruix was a French Navy admiral. more »

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