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Adrian Franklyn

Lieutenant Adrian Winfrid Franklyn was a World War I flying ace credited with seven aerial... more »

Adrian Goldsmith

Adrian Philip "Tim" Goldsmith DFC, DFM was an Australian flying ace of the Second World War... more »

Adrian Gore

Brigadier Adrian Clements Gore DSO won fame as a schoolboy cricketer for Eton College and was... more »

Adrian Holman

Sir Adrian Holman KBE CMG MC was a British diplomat. more »

Adrian Johns

Vice Admiral Sir Adrian James Johns KCB, CBE, KStJ, ADC was the Governor of Gibraltar between... more »

Adrian Tonks

Captain Adrian James Boswell Tonks was a British World War I flying ace. He was credited with 12... more »

Adrian von Bubenberg

Adrian von Bubenberg was a Bernese knight, general and mayor of Bern in 1468-1469, 1473-1474 and... more »

Adrian von Fölkersam

Baron Adrian von Fölkersam was a German Brandenburger and Waffen-SS officer in World War II. more »

Adrian Warburton

Wing Commander Adrian "Warby" Warburton DSO & Bar, DFC & Two Bars was a Royal Air Force pilot... more »

Adriano Visconti

Major Adriano Visconti di Lampugnano was one of Italy's top flying aces of the Second World War,... more »

Adrianos Komnenos

Adrianos Komnenos, sometimes Anglicized as Adrian or Latinized as Adrianus Comnenus, was a... more »

Adriel N. Williams

Brigadier General Adriel Newton Williams was a retired United States Air Force Brigadier General... more »

Adrien L. J. Leps

Major Adrien Louis Jacques Leps was a World War I flying ace credited with twelve confirmed... more »

Adrien Tixier

Adrien Tixier was a French politician, diplomat, and Free French ambassador to the United States. more »


Aegialeas was the fifth Strategos of the Achaean League in Ancient Greece who served for only a... more »


Aegidius was a Gallo-Roman warlord of northern Gaul. He had been promoted as magister militum in... more »


Count Aelianus was the chief Roman officer in charge of the defense of Amida during the siege of... more »

Afsir Karim

Major General Afsir Karim, is a retired Indian Army general and military scholar who has... more »

Aftab Ahmad Khan

Lieutenant-General Aftab Ahmad Khan was a retired Pakistan Army Infantry Officer, born in... more »

Afzal Rahman Khan

Vice-Admiral Afzal Rahman Khan, was a high profile military official who served as the Interior... more »

Afzal Tahir

Admiral Muhammad Afzal Tahir, is a retired four-star rank admiral and the former Chief of Naval... more »

Agamemnon Gratsios

Agamemnon Gratsios or Gratzios was a Greek Army officer who rose to the rank of full General,... more »

Agansing Rai

Agansing Rai VC MM was a Nepalese recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most... more »

Agasias of Arcadia

Agasias was a Stymphalian of Arcadia who was frequently mentioned by Xenophon as a brave and... more »

Agatharchus of Syracuse

Agatharchus or Agatharch of Syracuse was a Syracusan who was placed by the Syracusans over a... more »

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