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Abdul Basir Salangi

Abdul Basir Salangi is the current Governor of Parwan Province in Afghanistan, since 6 May 2009,... more »

Abdul Fatah Younis

Abdul Fatah Younis Al-Obeidi was a senior military officer in Libya. He held the rank of Major... more »

Abdul Ghani Baradar

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, also called Mullah Baradar Akhund or Mullah Brother, is a co-founder... more »

Abdul Hafiz

Abdul Hafiz VC was an Indian Muslim recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most... more »

Abdul Hamid

Havildar Abdul Hamid was a soldier in the 4th Battalion, The Grenadiers of the Indian Army, who... more »

Abdul Hassan

Abdul Hassan is a Libyan rebel commander who leads the Al Horia Brigade and led them in the... more »

Abdul Kerim Pasha

Abdul Kerim Pasha, also known as Abdülkerim Öpelimi, was an Ottoman commander on the Caucasus... more »

Abdul Majid Rouzi

General Abdul Majid Rouzi was an Uzbek commander of Arab Descent during the Afghan Civil war. He... more »

Abdul Momim

During the Civil war in Afghanistan, General Abdul Momim or Abdul Mumin, was an ethnic Tajik... more »

Abdul Qadir Baloch

Lieutenant-General Abdul Qadir Baloch is a Pakistani politician and retired Pakistan Army... more »

Abdul Qayyum

Lieutenant General Abdul Qayyum is a retired 3 star general of Pakistan Army who is noted for... more »

Abdul Rahim Khan

Air Marshal Abdur Rahim Khan, HJ, HQA, SPk, SBt was a 3-star general and air officer who served... more »

Abdul Rahman

Havildar Abdul Rahman was posthumously awarded the George Cross, the highest British award for... more »

Abdul Rahman Haji Ahmadi

Abdul Rahman Haji Ahmadi commonly known as just Haji Ahmadi is an Iranian Kurdish militant... more »

Abdul Rahman Yasin

Abdul Rahman Yasin helped make the bombs used in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing attack... more »

Abdul Rashid Ghazi

Abdul Rashid Ghazi was an Islamist Pakistani cleric; son of Muhammad Abdullah Ghazi, and younger... more »

Abdul Razak Bin Haji Mohd Yusof

Superintendent of Police Abdul Razak Bin Hj Mohd Yusoff is one of the national heroes of the... more »

Abdul Waheed Kakar

General Abdul Waheed Kakar, NI, HI, SBt, afwc, fsc, was the Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan... more »

Abdul Wahid Baba Jan

General Abdul Wahid Baba Jan, an ethnic Tajik from Parwan province and better known simply as... more »

Abdul-Malik al-Houthi

Sheikh Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi is a leader of the insurgency by Zaidi rebels. His brothers... more »

Abdullah el-Tell

Abdullah el-Tell served in the Transjordanian Arab Legion during the 1948 war in Palestine... more »

Abdullah ibn Aamir

Abdullah ibn Aamir was a governor of Busra and an extremely successful military general during... more »

Abdullahi Ali Omar

General Abdullahi Ali Omar, a.k.a. Daad, is a Somali military official. He previously served as... more »

Abdurahman Fatalibeyli

Abdurrahman Fatalibeyli Або Алиевич Дудангинский / Əbo Əliyeviç Düdənginski), born Abo... more »

Abdurrahman Nafiz Gürman

Abdurrahman Nafiz Gürman was an officer of the Ottoman Army and the general of the Turkish Army. more »

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