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Ba Cut

Lê Quang Vinh, popularly known as Ba Cụt, was a military commander of the Hòa Hảo religious... more »

Baba Jalandar Panjshiri

Baba Jalandar Panjshiri was a commander of Jamiat-e Islami during the Soviet invasion of... more »

Babaker Shawkat B. Zebari

Babaker Baderkhan Shawkat Zebari is a General in the New Iraqi Army. He currently serves as the... more »


Bacchides was a Hellenistic Greek general; friend of the Syrian-Greek king Demetrius; and "ruler... more »

Bacurius the Iberian

Bacurius was a Roman general and a member of the royal family of Iberia mentioned by several... more »

Baden Baden-Powell

Baden Fletcher Smyth Baden-Powell, FS, FRAS, FRMetS was the youngest son of Baden Powell, and... more »

Badlu Singh

Badlu Singh VC was an Indian recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious... more »

Bahjat al-Muhaisen

Bahjat al-Muhaisen was a Royal Jordanian Land Force officer who served in significant infantry... more »

Bahoz Erdal

Bahoz Erdal, born Fahman Husain is a Kurdish member and commander of the Kurdistan Workers'... more »

Bahr negus Yeshaq

Bahri Negassi Yeshaq was Bahri Negassi, or ruler of the province of Medri Bahri in present-day... more »

Bahram Aryana

Artesh-Boad Bahram Aryana was a philosopher of Zoroastrianism, Persian nationalist and humanist... more »

Bahram bey Nabibekov

Bahram bey Nabibekov was an Azerbaijani colonel in the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic army and... more »

Bahrām Chobin

Bahrām Chōbīn, also known as Mehrbandak, was a famous spahbed during the late 6th century in... more »

Bahta Hagos

Bahta Hagos was Dejazmach of Akkele Guzay, and retrospectively considered an important leader of... more »

Bai Qi

Bái Qǐ, also known as Bo Qi, was a military general of the State of Qin during the Warring... more »

Bailey Ashford

Colonel Bailey K. Ashford was an American physician who had a military career in the United... more »

Baker Russell

General Sir Baker Creed Russell GCB KCMG was an Australian-born British Army officer who served... more »

Bakht Mohammed

Mullah Bakht Mohammed is Mullah Dadullah's younger half-brother who succeeded him as senior... more »

Bakhtiar Rana

Lieutenant General Bakhtiar Rana, M.C., was a senior officer in the Pakistan Army. He was Chief... more »

Bakr Sidqi

Bakr Sidqi, an Iraqi nationalist and general of Kurdish origin, but not a Kurdish nationalist,... more »


Balacrus, the son of Nicanor, one of Alexander the Great's "Somatophylakes", was appointed... more »

Balakishi Arablinski

Balakishi Arablinski Alibey oglu was an Azerbaijani general in the Russian Imperial... more »


Balamindin was a general in the Burmese army of the Konbaung Dynasty. He is best known in... more »

Balcha Safo

Balcha Aba Nefso, also known by his title as Dejazmach Balcha, was an accomplished Ethiopian... more »

Baldomero Lopez

Baldomero Lopez was a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War... more »

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