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C. A. L. Totten

Charles Adelle Lewis Totten was an American military officer, a professor of military tactics, a... more »

C. C. Too

Tan Sri Dr. Too Chee Chew(杜志超) MBE JMN, better known as C. C. Too, was a major exponent of... more »

C. H. Fernando

Major General C.H. Fernando, VSV, psc, SLAC is a Sri Lankan general, who was the former Director... more »

C. Joseph Genster

Charles Joseph Genster was an American business executive at the nutrition company Mead Johnson... more »

C. R. Cooke

Lieutenant-Colonel Conrad Reginald Cooke, OBE was an English early Himalayan mountaineer. In... more »

C. R. Smith

Cyrus Rowlett Smith, known throughout his life as C. R. Smith or just C.R., was the CEO of... more »

C. Robert Kehler

Claude Robert "Bob" Kehler, is a retired United States Air Force general who served as... more »

C. T. Singleton, Jr.

Charles Tod Singleton, Jr. was a Rear Admiral of the United States Navy, who served during World... more »

C. Turner Joy

Vice Admiral Charles Turner Joy was an admiral of the United States Navy during World War II and... more »

C. Wade McClusky

Rear Admiral Clarence Wade McClusky, Jr., was a United States Navy aviator during World War II... more »


Cacamatzin was a 15th-century Aztec noble — the eldest son of the cihuacoatl, Tlacaelel — and... more »


Cadeguala or Cadiguala was a Mapuche toqui elected in 1585 following the death in battle of the... more »

Cadmus M. Wilcox

Cadmus Marcellus Wilcox was a career United States Army officer who served in the... more »

Cadwalader Ringgold

Cadwalader Ringgold was an officer in the United States Navy who served in the United States... more »

Caesar Lvovich Kunikov

Caesar Lvovich Kunikov — was an officer in the Soviet Naval Infantry. He served as commanding... more »

Caesar von Hofacker

Caesar von Hofacker was a German Luftwaffe Lieutenant Colonel and member of the 20 July plot... more »

Cafer Tayyar Eğilmez

Cafer Tayyar Eğilmez was an officer of the Ottoman Army and the general of the Turkish Army. more »

Cai Tingkai

Cai Tingkai was a Chinese general. Cai was in overall command of the 19th Route Army of the... more »

Cal Laning

Rear Admiral Caleb Barrett Laning was a highly decorated naval officer, writer, and technical... more »


Calas or Callas was an ancient Greek, son of Harpalus of Elimiotis and first cousin to... more »

Caleb Bailey

Brigadier General Caleb T. "Zeke" Bailey was an American Marine Corps officer, pilot, and... more »

Caleb Green

Master sergeant Caleb B. Green III is a solo vocalist with the United States Army Band. An... more »

Caleb Huse

Caleb Huse was a Major in the Confederate States Army, acting primarily as an arms procurement... more »

Caleb Rich

Caleb Rich was an American minister who was influential in the formation of the Universalist... more »

Caleb S. Pratt

Caleb S. Pratt was a primary person involved in Bleeding Kansas. He testified before the... more »

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