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Ivan Flyorov

Ivan Andreyevich Flyorov, captain of the Red Army, was the commander of the first battery of 8... more »

Ivan Frankopan Cetinski

Ivan IX Frankopan Cetinski, a member of Cetin branch of the Frankopan noble family and a... more »

Ivan Golubets

Ivan Karpovich Golubets was a Soviet sailor with the Black Sea Fleet. He was posthumously made a... more »

Ivan Grigorovich

Ivan Konstantinovich Grigorovich served as Imperial Russia's last Naval Minister from 1911 until... more »

Ivan Guryelov

Prince Ivan Stepanovich Gurielov also known as Guryalov or Gurieli was a Russian general of... more »

Iván Hindy

"Vitéz" is a Hungarian title given to members of the Knightly Order of Vitéz, not a first or... more »

Ivan Hirst

Major Ivan Hirst, was a British Army officer and engineer who was instrumental in reviving... more »

Ivan Kamera

Ivan Pavlovich Kamera was a Soviet military officer who held several commands as an artillery... more »

Ivan Kapitanets

Ivan Matveyevich Kapitanets is a retired Soviet Navy Admiral of the Fleet Kapitanets entered the... more »

Ivan Khabarov

Ivan Nikitich Khabarov was a Soviet Army Commander during World War II. In the beginning of the... more »

Ivan Kolev

Ivan Kolev Stoyanov was a Bulgarian lieutenant general and distinguished cavalry commander... more »

Ivan Kozhedub

Marshal of Aviation Ivan Mykytovych Kozhedub was a Soviet Ukrainian military aviator and a World... more »

Ivan Krasnov

Ivan Ivanovich Krasnov Russian: Краснов, Иван Иванович was a Russian general and author. more »

Ivan Loiko

Polkovnik Ivan Alexandrovich Loiko was a World War I flying ace credited with six confirmed... more »

Ivan Lyon

Lieutenant-Colonel Ivan Lyon DSO, MBE was a British soldier and military intelligence agent... more »

Ivan Maslennikov

Ivan Ivanovich Maslennikov, General of the Army, was a Soviet military and NKVD commander of... more »

Ivan Mavrodi

Ivan Mavrodi was a Bulgarian-Ukrainian Soviet writer and poet. Ivan Mavrodi was born in the... more »

Ivan Nabokov

Ivan Aleksandrovich Nabokov was a Russian Adjutant general and general of infantry prominent... more »

Ivan Orlov

Podporuchik Ivan Aleksandrovich Orlov was a Russian flying ace during World War I. He was a... more »

Iván Ríos

José Juvenal Velandia, aka Iván Ríos, aka Manuel Jesús Muñoz Ortiz, born in San Francisco,... more »

Ivan Rukavina

Ivan Rukavina was army general of the Yugoslav People's Army, People's Hero of Yugoslavia and... more »

Ivan Shepetov

Ivan Mikhaylovich Shepetov was a Soviet infantry officer who enlisted in the Red Army as a Civil... more »

Ivan Shestakov

Ivan Alexeyevich Shestakov was a Russian statesman, writer, and admiral. more »

Ivan Sidorenko

Ivan Mikhaylovich Sidorenko was a former Red Army officer, who served during World War II. He... more »

Ivan Simson

Brigadier Ivan Simson OBE was the Chief Engineer in Malaya before its surrender to the Japanese... more »

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