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O Chin-u

Marshal O Chin-u was a soldier and politician of North Korea. He was the Minister of Armed... more »

O'Moore Creagh

General Sir Garrett O'Moore Creagh VC GCB GCSI, known as Sir O'Moore Creagh, was born in... more »

Oasis of Mara Masonic Lodge

Oasis of Mara Masonic Lodge #735 was chartered on April 6, 1954 by California's Masonic Grand... more »

Ochirtu Khan

Ochirtu Khan was a nephew of Güshi Khan and a leader of the Khoshut tribe of the Lake Zaisan... more »

Octavius Vernon Harcourt

Octavius Henry Cyril Vernon Harcourt was a British naval officer. He was the eighth son of... more »

Oda Hidenobu

Oda Hidenobu was the son of Oda Nobutada and lived during the Azuchi-Momoyama period in the... more »

Odas Moon

Odas Moon was an American aviation pioneer who was among a team of United States Army Air Corps... more »

Odd Bull

Norwegian General Odd Bull was a career officer in the Royal Norwegian Air Force who eventually... more »

Odd Isaachsen Willoch

Odd Isaachsen Willoch was a Norwegian naval officer who commanded one of the two coastal defence... more »

Odd Lindbäck-Larsen

Odd Lindbäck-Larsen was a Norwegian military officer and war historian. more »

Odd Starheim

Odd Kjell Starheim, DSO was a Norwegian resistance fighter and SOE agent during the Second World... more »

Odd Øyen

Odd Toralf Øyen was a Norwegian resistance member and anaesthesiological physician. more »

Ōdera Yasuzumi

Ōdera Yasuzumi was a general in the early Imperial Japanese Army, and the highest ranking... more »

Odette Hallowes

Odette Sansom Hallowes GC, MBE, Chevalier de la légion d'honneur was an Allied heroine of the... more »

Odilo Globocnik

Odilo Lotario Globocnik was a prominent Austrian Nazi and later an SS leader. As associate of... more »

Odon Guitar

Odon Guitar was a general in the Union Missouri State Militia during the American Civil War. He... more »


Odotheus was a Greuthungi king who in 386 led an incursion into the Roman Empire. He was... more »

Ogasawara Naganari

Viscount Ogasawara Naganari was an Admiral and naval strategist in the Imperial Japanese Navy in... more »

Oiva Tuominen

Oiva Emil Kalervo Tuominen was a Finnish fighter ace and a Mannerheim Cross knight of the second... more »

Oka Gorodovikov

Colonel General Oka Ivanovich Gorodovikov was a Soviet cavalry general of Kalmyk and Cossack... more »

Oka Ichinosuke

Baron Oka Ichinosuke was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army and Minister of War during... more »

Okill Massey Learmonth

Okill Massey Learmonth, VC, MC, was a recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most... more »

Okita Sōji

Okita Sōji, was the captain of the first unit of the Shinsengumi, a special police force in... more »

Oku Yasukata

Count Oku Yasukata was a Japanese field marshal and leading figure in the early Imperial... more »

Okuda Shoji

Petty Officer Shoji Okuda, served as an aerial observer in the Imperial Japanese Navy on a... more »

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