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Yan Yan

Yan Yan was a general of Shu Han during the late Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms period of... more »

Yang Chengwu

Yang Chengwu, alias Yang Nengjun was a general of the People's Republic of China. He was also a... more »

Yang Dezhi

Yang Dezhi was a senior military officer in the North China Field Army, a veteran of the Korean... more »

Yang Gongren

Yang Gongren, formal name Yang Guan but went by the courtesy name of Gongren, formally Duke Xiao... more »

Yang Hu

Yang Hu, style name Shuzi, was a military general during the Jin Dynasty period of Chinese... more »

Yang Hucheng

Yang Hucheng was a Chinese general during the Warlord Era of Republican China and Kuomintang... more »

Yang Jun

Yang Jun, nickname Azhi, formally Prince Xiao of Qin, was an imperial prince of the Chinese... more »

Yang Liang

Yang Liang -- courtesy name Dezhang, alternative name Jie, nickname Yiqian -- was an imperial... more »

Yang Manchun

Yang Manchun is the name given to the Goguryeo commander of Ansi fortress in the 640s. Ansi... more »

Yang Ruifu

Yang Ruifu, courtesy name Jieqing, was a Chinese military officer. Born in 1902 in Jinghai... more »

Yang Sen

Yang Sen was a Sichuan warlord and general who excelled himself in his long military career in... more »

Yang Su

Yang Su, courtesy name Chudao, formally Duke Jingwu of Chu, was a powerful general during Sui... more »

Yang Xuangan

Yang Xuangan was an official of the Chinese dynasty Sui Dynasty. He was the son of the powerful... more »

Yang Ye

Yang Ye or Yang Jiye was a military general in ancient China. Originally serving the short-lived... more »

Yann Goulet

Yann Goulet was a sculptor, Breton nationalist and war-time collaborationist with Nazi Germany... more »

Yann Tainguy

Yann Tainguy is a French admiral, currently commanding officer for the Mediterranean maritime... more »

Yao Chong

Yao Chong, né Yao Yuanchong, known 700s-713 by the courtesy name of Yuanzhi, formally Duke... more »

Yao Zhenshan

Yao Zhenshan was a Chinese soldier and the leader of the anti-Japanese army force in the... more »

Yaroslav Iosseliani

Yaroslav Iosseliani was a Soviet Navy submarine commander of Georgian ethnicity. He was awarded... more »

Yaşar Büyükanıt

General Mehmet Yaşar Büyükanıt was the 25th Chief of the Turkish General Staff of the Turkish... more »

Yashiro Rokurō

Baron Yashiro Rokurō was an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy and Navy Minister, succeeding... more »

Yastur-ul-Haq Malik

Admiral Yastur-ul-Haq Malik, NI, SBt, is a retired 4-Star naval officer and 11th Chief of Naval... more »

Yasuji Kaneko

Yasuji Kaneko is an ex-soldier of the Imperial Japanese Army, and a former detainee of both... more »

Yasuji Okamura

Yasuji Okamura was a general of the Imperial Japanese Army, war criminal, and commander-in-chief... more »

Yasuyo Yamasaki

Colonel Yasuyo Yamasaki was a professional Army officer who commanded the Japanese forces on... more »

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