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Zacarias Moussaoui

Zacarias Moussaoui is a French citizen who pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiring to kill... more »

Zachariah C. Deas

Zachariah Cantey Deas was a prominent Southern United States cotton broker and soldier. He... more »

Zachariah C. Neahr

Zachariah C. Neahr was a Union Army soldier during the American Civil War. He received the Medal... more »

Zachariah T. Woodall

Zachariah T. Woodall was a soldier in the U.S. Army who served with the 6th U.S. Cavalry during... more »

Zacharie Allemand

Zacharie Jacques Théodore Allemand, was a French admiral. more »

Zachary Hickes

Zachary Hickes was a Royal Navy officer, second-in-command on Lieutenant James Cook's voyage to... more »

Zachary Mudge

Zachary Mudge was an officer in the Royal Navy, best known for serving in the historic Vancouver... more »

Zachary Taylor Wood

Zachary Taylor Wood, CMG was acting Commissioner of the North-West Mounted Police and... more »

Zachos Milios

Zachos Milios was a Greek revolutionary of the Greek War of Independence and officer of the... more »

Zafar Chaudhry

Air Marshal Zafar Ahmed Chaudhry, SQA was the first Chief of Air Staff and a three-star general... more »

Zafar H. Naqvi

Major General Syed Zafar Ul Hasan Naqvi is a decorated general of the Pakistan Army. more »

Zafar Mahmood Abbasi

Rear-Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi, is a two-star admiral and current Commander Logistic of... more »

Zafar Muhammad Khan

Commander Zafar Muhammad Khan was a naval officer in the Pakistan Navy who was the Captain and... more »

Zaheerul Islam

Lieutenant-General Zaheer ul-Islam HI is the current Director-General of the Inter-Services... more »

Zahid Ali Akbar Khan

Lieutenant-General Zahid Ali Akbar Khan, TKdt, was an engineering officer in the Pakistan Army... more »

Zahir Uddin Ahmed

Vice Admiral Zahir Uddin Ahmed, ndc, psc was Chief of Staff of the Bangladesh Navy. He was... more »

Zahirul Islam Abbasi

Major General Zahirul Islam Abbasi, was a former commander and officer of the Pakistani Army and... more »

Zaim Imamović

Zaim Imamović was a Bosniak soldier who commanded the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina forces in... more »

Zaini Mohamad Said

Lieutenant General Dato' Seri Zaini Mohamad Said is a retired Malaysian Army general officer... more »

Zak Hernández

Sergeant Zak Hernández Laporte, was a 22-year-old member of the United States Army who was... more »

Zaka Ullah Bhangoo

Brigadier General Zaka Ullah Bhangoo was a Pakistan Army aviator and one-star general who, after... more »

Zakaria Bakradze

Zakaria Bakradze was a Polish-Georgian military officer and the General of both the Polish Army... more »

Žanis Ansons

Žanis Ansons was a Latvian member of Waffen-SS, Germany's World War II fighting unit of the... more »

Žanis Butkus

Žanis Butkus was a Latvian Hauptsturmführer in the Waffen SS during World War II. Butkus was... more »

Zaza Gogava

Zaza Gogava is a Georgian Major General. He served as a Chief of Joint Staff of the Armed Forces... more »

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