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Aita Donostia

José Gonzalo Zulaica, better known by his pen name Aita Donostia, was a Basque musicologist and... more »

Aivars Liepiņš

Aivars Liepiņš was a member of the Latvian musical group Credo. more »

Aiyb Dieng

Aïyb Dieng is a Senegalese drummer and percussionist specializing in hand drums. He has recorded... more »

Aja West

Aja West first emerged onto the music scene in 1998 with his debut record White Moses. In 1999,... more »


Adrian Thomas, better known as DJ Ajax, was an Australian Electronic Dance Music DJ known for... more »

Ajinkya Iyer

Ajinkya Iyer is a lyricist. more »

Ajith Bandara

Ajith Bandara is a Sri Lankan singer. He is popular in the country for winning the first season... more »

Akasha Project

Akasha Project is a film score composer. more »

Åke Hodell

Åke Hodell was a Swedish fighter pilot, poet, author, text-sound composer, and artist. Son of... more »

Akhtar Hussain

Akhtar Hussain was Indian classical musician who was one of the leading exponents of Patiala... more »


아키는 일본의 여자 가수로, I've Sound의 참여 가수이다. 2001년 중순부터 잠적했고, 2003년에 모 게시판에 "목 수술로 인해 활동을 쉬고 있었다" 라는 본인의... more »

Aki Bergen

Aki Bergen is a musician. more »

Aki Daitō

Aki Daito is a Japanese voice actor who formerly worked for 81 Produce. more »

Aki Hata

Aki Hata is a Japanese musician and lyricist. She is noted for having penned and composed songs... more »

Aki Hietala

Aki Hietala on suomalainen laulaja, musiikinopettaja ja filosofian maisteri, joka on toiminut... more »

Aki Takahashi

Aki Takahashi is a Japanese pianist specializing in contemporary classical music. more »

Akie Yoshizawa

Akie Yoshizawa, true name Akie Hattori, is a former Japanese idol, singer and actress in the... more »

Akihiko Narita

Akihiko Narita is a Japanese video game composer. He is employed by Capcom. Narita is notable... more »

Akihiro Tamura

다무라 아키히로는 일본의 록 밴드 스피츠의 베이시스트이자, 리더이다. more »

Akihoto Okano

오카노 아키히토는 일본의 남자 가수이다. 포르노그라피티의 일원으로서 활약하고 있다. more »

Akiko Tsuruga

Akiko Tsuruga is a jazz composer, Hammond B-3 organist and pianist from Osaka, Japan. A graduate... more »

Akim El Sikameya

Akim El Sikameya est un chanteur algérien. more »

Akio Inoue

Akio Inoue is a female Japanese lyricist from Kanagawa Prefecture. Inoue writes the majority of... more »

Akio Sasajima

Akio Sasajima is a jazz guitarist born in Japan and currently based in Nevada City, California... more »

Akira Mitake

Akira Mitake is a composer and arranger. more »