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Hanus G. Johansen

Hanus Gerdum Johansen better known as Hanus G. or Hanus G. Johansen, is a Faroese singer and... more »

Hap Palmer

Hap Palmer is an American children's musician and guitarist whose songs specialize in developing... more »

Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar Superstar is a film actor. more »

Harald Evers

Harald Evers war ein deutscher Computerspiele- und Romanautor. more »

Harald Haerter

Harald Haerter ist ein Schweizer Jazzgitarrist. Haerter studierte von 1980 bis 1984 am Berklee... more »

Harald Hurst

Harald Hurst ist ein Karlsruher Mundartdichter. Hurst studierte Romanistik und Anglistik in... more »

Harald Mæle

Harald Mæle is a Norwegian television presenter and voice actor. He made a name in the Norwegian... more »

Harald Rønneberg

Harald Johnstein Rønneberg is a Norwegian television personality. He was born in Halden, and is... more »

Harald Svensson

Harald Svensson född 1954, svensk pianist och kompositör. Spelade på 70-talet med bl.a... more »

Harald Sæther

Harald Sæther, is a Norwegian composer with a diploma from Grieg Academy . He is member of the... more »

Harald Waiglein

Harald Waiglein is an actor. more »


Hardstone is a Kenyan musician. His music is a mixture of ragga, reggae and hiphop. He sings in... more »

Hardy Hard

Hardy Hard, früher Hardsequencer ist ein deutscher Musiker und Techno-DJ. Er wuchs im Freitaler... more »

Harini Ravi

Harini Ravi is a Chennai based Singer and Dubbing Artiste. She is the daughter of Veteran... more »

Harlan Collins

Paul Harlan Collins, more often known as Harlan Collins, is a composer, arranger, musician, and... more »

Harold Adams

Harold Adams is a prominent tenor saxophonist from the Baltimore jazz scene. He is the leader of... more »

Harold Barlow

Harold Barlow was an American songwriter, and later a consultant on plagiarism. He studied... more »

Harold Betters

Harold Betters is an American jazz trombone player. A prominent jazz musician in Pittsburgh,... more »

Harold Burrage

Harold Burrage was an American blues and soul musician. Burrage did session work as a pianist in... more »

Harold Fielding

Harold Lewis Fielding was an English theatre producer. Fielding was one of Britain's foremost... more »

Harold Fortuin

Harold Fortuin is an American composer, pianist, and designer of hardware and software for... more »

Harold Loeffelmacher

Harold Loeffelmacher was an American musician and bandleader best known for forming the polka... more »

Harold Rubin

Harold Rubin is a South African-born Israeli visual artist and free jazz clarinettist. more »

Harold Sumberg

Harold Sumberg was an American-born Canadian violinist, teacher, conductor, and... more »

Haroula Rose

Haroula Rose is an actress and singer-songwriter. more »

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