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Heinrich is the name of a German farmer, who was looking for a woman in the German TV show... more »

Heinrich Bellermann

Johann Gottfried Heinrich Bellermann was a German music theorist. He was the author of Der... more »

Heinrich Fleischer

Heinrich Fleischer was an organist from Leipzig, Germany. He fought in World War II, in which he... more »

Heinrich Hofmann

Heinrich Karl Johann Hofmann was a German composer and pianist. He was a pupil of Theodor... more »

Heinrich Hollreiser

Heinrich Hollreiser was a German conductor. Born in Munich, he attended the State Academy of... more »

Heinrich Von Kalnein

Heinrich von Kalnein ist ein deutscher, in Österreich lebender Jazzmusiker, Komponist und... more »

Heinrich von Laufenberg

Heinrich von Laufenberg was a German Roman Catholic fertile writer in prose and verse of the... more »

Heinrich Walcher

Heinrich Walcher ist ein österreichischer Maler und Musiker. more »

Heinz Funk

Heinz Funk war ein deutscher Filmkomponist. more »

Heinz Hennig

Heinz Hennig was a German choral conductor and an academic, known for founding the Knabenchor... more »

Heinz Hentschke

Heinz Hentschke was an actor, director and librettist of German-language operettas. Hentschke... more »

Heinz Riegler

Heinz Riegler is an Austrian born musician based in Brisbane, Australia. Riegler’s career in... more »

Heinz Rudolf Kunze

Heinz Rudolf Erich Arthur Kunze is a German writer and rock singer. His greatest hit was Dein... more »

Heinz Schenk

Heinz Schenk ist ein deutscher Showmaster und Schauspieler. more »

Heinz Strunk

Heinz Strunk, legal name Mathias Halfpape is a German entertainer, author, and member of comedy... more »

Helder Moutinho

Helder Moutinho is a singer and an actor. more »

Heleentje van Capelle

Heleen van Cappelle is een Nederlandse zangeres die als Heleentje van Cappelle vooral bekend is... more »

Helen Bonchek Schneyer

Helen Bonchek Schneyer was an American folk musician. She was raised Jewish in New York City... more »

Helen Chadwick

Helen Chadwick is a British musician and singer who has written over 200 songs, mainly for... more »

Helen Doron

Helen Doron is a British linguist and educator. Her Helen Doron Education Group offers English... more »

Helen Gifford

Helen Gifford is an Australian composer. more »

Helen Huang

Helen Huang, born October 1982 is a classical pianist and former musical prodigy. She began... more »

Helen Jones Woods

Helen Jones Woods is a jazz and swing trombone player most renowned for her performances with... more »

Helen McCookerybook

Helen McCookerybook was the bass guitar player and lead singer with Brighton-based punk rock... more »

Helen Rogers

Helen Rogers is a British singer/songwriter. She began singing in 1978 with One Stop Music, an... more »

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