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Bernard Heidsieck

Bernard Heidsieck is a French sound poet. He is the former vice-president of the Banque... more »

Bernard Homola

Bernard Homola was a German film score composer. more »

Bernard Kabanda

Bernard Kabanda Sslongo was an Ugandan guitarist. He had just realised fame in the world music... more »

Bernard Lenoir

Bernard Lenoir is a radio personality, specializing in independent rock. His program, directed... more »

Bernard McKinney

Bernard Atwell McKinney, later Kiane Zawadi is an American jazz trombonist and euphonium player,... more »

Bernard Vitet

Bernard Vitet was a French trumpetist, multi-instrumentist and composer, co-founder of the first... more »

Bernardo de Pace

Bernardo de Pace was a musician and comedic vaudeville performer of the 1920s, billed as "the... more »

Bernardo Lanzetti

Bernardo Lanzetti è un cantautore italiano. more »

Bernardo Moreira

Bernardo Moreira is a musical artist. more »

Bernardo Sandoval

Bernardo Sandoval est un Franco-Espagnol, toulousain d'adoption, guitariste, auteur-compositeur... more »

Bernd Begemann

Bernd Begemann is a contemporary German alt/pop singer-songwriter linked to the Hamburger Schule. more »

Bernd Clüver

Bernd Clüver was a German singer. more »

Bernd Gieseking

Bernd Gieseking ist ein deutscher Kabarettist und Kinderbuchautor. more »

Bernd Kistenmacher

Bernd Kistenmacher ist ein deutscher Musiker, Stilrichtung Instrumental- und Elektronische... more »

Bernd Regenauer

Bernd Regenauer is an actor and musician. more »

Bernd Rusinski

Bernd Rusinski war ein deutscher Schlagersänger und Komponist. Rusinski studierte am... more »

Bernd Scholl

Bernd Scholl ist ein deutscher Musiker, der elektronische Musik komponiert und spielt. Seit 2004... more »

Bernd Schurer

Bernd Schurer is a film score composer. more »

Bernd Stelter

Bernd Stelter is a German comedian, writer and television presenter. more »

Berndt Egerbladh

Berndt Egerbladh was a film score composer. more »

Bernhard Brink

Bernhard Brink is a German singer. more »

Bernhard Klee

Bernhard Klee is a German conductor, originally from Schleiz, in Thuringia. Trained as a member... more »

Bernhard Paumgartner

Bernhard Paumgartner was an Austrian conductor, composer and musicologist. more »

Bernie Anderson, Jr.

Bernie Anderson, Jr. is a silent film music composer, organist and orchestrator. He has... more »

Bernie Chiaravalle

Bernie Chiaravalle is the guitarist for singer Michael McDonald and has also been a songwriting... more »

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