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Carina E. Nilsson

Carina E. Nilsson is a Swedish pianist. more »

Carina K

Carina K is a Pop/Rock singer/songwriter. more »

Carina Ricco

Carina Ricco is a Mexican actress, singer, musician, producer and composer. In 2007 She open her... more »

Carita Boronska

Carita Boronska is a Swedish singer and film score composer. more »

Carl Bean

Carl Bean is the founding prelate of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement, a liberal protestant... more »

Carl Bunch

Carl Bunch was an American musician. Carl Bunch was born in Big Spring, Texas and began playing... more »

Carl Crack

Carl Crack was a Berlin-based techno artist best known for his membership in the digital... more »

Carl Douglas

Carlton George Douglas, also known by his stage name Carl Douglas, is a Jamaican recording... more »

Carl Doy

Carl William Doy, ONZM is a pianist, composer and arranger. One of New Zealand's most successful... more »

Carl Fenton

Carl Fenton born as Walter G. Haenschen, was an American bandleader, composer, and radio musician. more »

Carl Friedemann

Carl Bert Ulrich Friedemann was a German-Swiss composer, conductor and musician. Friedemann was... more »

Carl Hardebeck

Carl Gilbert Hardebeck was a musician, composer and arranger of Irish traditional music. more »

Carl Herman Unthan

Carl Herrmann Unthan was a Prussian-born violinist who was born without arms. Unthan's father... more »

Carl Hession

Carl Hession is a notable Irish composer, arranger and pianist. His background includes many... more »

Carl Høgset

Carl Høgset is a Norwegian choral conductor. In 1971 he formed the chamber choir Grex Vocalis,... more »

Carl Mann

Carl Mann is an American rockabilly singer and pianist. more »

Carl Michael von Hausswolff

Carl Michael von Hausswolff is a composer, visual artist and curator based in Stockholm, Sweden... more »

Carl Rütti

Carl Rütti is a notable Swiss composer, who has written much choral music. In 2005, Rütti was... more »

Carl Schachter

Carl Schachter is an American music theorist, renowned as arguably the most influential... more »

Carl Schlesinger

Carl Schlesinger was a cellist. He originally played the violin. From 1838 onwards, he worked as... more »

Carl Story

Carl Story was an influential bluegrass musician and leader of his band the "Rambling... more »

Carl Summers

Carl Summers, known by his stage name Carl Rogel, is an American singer, songwriter, and... more »

Carl T. Sprague

Carl T. "Doc" Sprague was an American country musician. He was often dubbed "The Original... more »

Carl Unander-Scharin

Carl Unander-Scharin is a Swedish composer and operatic tenor. Born in Stockholm, he studied in... more »

Carla Borghetti

Carla Borghetti is a female singer who specializes in Tango music. more »

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