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Carla Marshall

Carla Marshall is a Juno award winning music artist. more »

Carla Martinis

Carla Martinis was a Croatian operatic soprano particularly associated with the Italian repertoire. more »

Carla Vallet

Carla Vallet ist eine Sängerin. Vallet wurde in Spanien als Tochter einer US-Amerikanerin und... more »

Carla Visi

Carla Visi is a popular Brazilian axé and MPB singer, songwriter, and occasional actress and... more »

Carles Belda

Carles Belda i Valls és un acordionista diatònic català, que ha format part de grups com Blat... more »

Carleton H. Sheets

Carleton H. Sheets is a real estate investor and television pitchman who was notable for... more »

Carli Tornehave

Carli Tornehave, born 26 August 1932 in Stockholm, is a Swedish singer and actor. He has... more »

Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro

Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro, a Brazilian of African and Portuguese descent, is a percussionist... more »

Carlo Actis Dato

Carlo Actis Dato è un sassofonista e compositore italiano. more »

Carlo Ambrogio Lonati

Carlo Ambrogio Lonati also Lunati; was an Italian composer, violinist and singer. Francesco... more »

Carlo Bonomi

Carlo Bonomi is an Italian clown and voice actor, who provided the voices for the claymated TV... more »

Carlo Brunner

Carlo Brunner ist ein Komponist und Kapellmeister aus der Schweiz. Er ist heimatberechtigt in... more »

Carlo Giuseppe Testore

Carlo Giuseppe Testore was an Italian luthier who worked in his later life in Milan. more »

Carlo Milanuzzi

Carlo Milanuzzi was an Italian composer of the early Baroque era. more »

Carlo Pedrotti

Carlo Pedrotti was an Italian conductor, administrator and composer, principally of opera. An... more »

Carlo Simonelli

Carlo Simonelli ist ein Ländlermusikant aus dem Schweizer Kanton Graubünden. 1955, während... more »

Carlo Vidusso

Carlo Vidusso was an Italian pianist. He studied piano with Ernesto Drangosch and, at 9 years... more »

Carlo Yvon

Carlo Yvon was an Italian composer, virtuoso oboist and English horn player, and music educator... more »

Carlos Aguilar

Carlos Aguilar is a film score composer. more »

Carlos Alberto DeYarza

Carlos Alberto DeYarza is a music producer. more »

Carlos Alexander

Carlos Alexander is a dramatic baritone and stage director of opera, best known as a... more »

Carlos Alexandre

Pedro Soares Bezerra, conhecido como Carlos Alexandre, foi um cantor brasileiro. more »

Carlos Argentino

Carlos Argentino es el nombre artístico de Israel Vitenszteim Vurm, cantante argentino de música... more »

Carlos Baker

UK trance artist more »

Carlos Beltrán

Carlos Beltrán Martínez de Castro is a Mexican multi-keyboard player. He undertook classical... more »

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