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Cécile Philippin

Cécile Philippin is a musician and film score composer. more »

Cecilia Chailly

Cecilia Chailly harpist and composer well known and appreciated by the Italian public, as well... more »

Cecilia Toussaint

Cecilia Toussaint is a Mexican actress and singer. more »

Cecilie Ore

Cecilie Ore is a Norwegian composer. more »

Cecylia Barczyk

Cecylia Barczyk is an American cellist based in Baltimore, Maryland. more »

Cedric Bucknall

Cedric Bucknall, born 2 May 1849 in Bath and died 12 December, 1921, was an English organist. more »

Cedric Haywood

Cedric Haywood was an American jazz pianist. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Haywood played... more »

Cédric Manche

Cédric Manche is a film score composer. more »

Cedric Sharpe

Cedric Sharpe, ARCM, Hon RAM was a British cellist, composer and music professor of the early to... more »

Cee Pee Johnson

Cee Pee Johnson was an American jazz drummer and vocalist. Johnson first appeared in Dallas... more »

Cees Kalis

Cornelis Jan Kalis was drummer van de Nederlandse popgroep Earth and Fire. Kalis groeide op in... more »

Ceki Benşuşe

Ceki Benşuşe is the guitar player of the Turkish band "Sefarad". He was born in Istanbul and... more »

Celeste Carballo

Celeste Carballo is a Latin Grammy nominated rock singer. more »

Celeste Legaspi

Celeste Legaspi is a Filipino singer and actress. Her singles and albums reached gold or... more »

Celeste Mendoza

Celeste Mendoza, was a Cuban singer. more »

Celestina Boninsegna

Celestina Boninsegna was an Italian operatic soprano, known for her interpretations of the... more »

Celi Bee

Celi Bee is an American disco musician. more »

Celina Bostic

Celina Bostic ist eine deutsche Soul- und Contemporary R&B-Sängerin und Songwriterin. Bostic... more »

Céline Bary

Céline Bary is a musical artist. more »

Celsa Mel Gowland

Celsa Mel Gowland es una destacada cantante de rock argentina que ha sido acompañante de los... more »

Celso Albelo

Celso Albelo is a Spanish operatic tenor. He has sung leading roles in many opera houses... more »

Celso Duarte

Celso Duarte is a virtuoso of Paraguayan harp and Mexican jarocho harp, arranger, singer, and... more »

Celso Fonseca

Celso Fonseca is a Brazilian composer, producer, guitarist and singer. He is noted as part of... more »

Cem Stamati

Cem Stamati is the bass guitar player of the Turkish band "Sefarad". He was born in Istanbul and... more »

Cemile Cevher Çiçek

Cemile Cevher Çiçek is a musical artist. more »

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