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Eliana Burki

Eliana Burki ist eine Schweizer Musikerin. Sie entwickelte den Begriff „Funky Swiss Alphorn“ für... more »

Eliane Radigue

Éliane Radigue is a French electronic music composer. She started her work in the 1950s and her... more »

Elías M. Soto

Elias Mauricio Soto played siren, bugle, trombón and tuba, piano, guitar and organ in several... more »

Elias Mertel

Elias Mertel was a German lutenist, composer and intabulator of the Late Renaissance era. He was... more »

Elijah B. Torn

Elijah B Torn is an electronic musician who lives and performs in New York City. He is the... more »

Elina Konstantopoulou

Maria-Elpida Konstantopoulou is a Greek singer, probably best known for representing Greece in... more »

Elina Vähälä

Elina Vähälä is a Finnish violinist. Vähälä made her concert debut aged 12 with the Lahti... more »

Elina Vettenranta

Elina Vettenranta on suomalainen iskelmälaulaja. Hänet valittiin vuoden 2006 Tangokuningattareksi... more »

Elinor Armer

Elinor Armer is an American pianist, music educator and composer. more »

Elinor Bennett

Elinor Bennett is a Welsh harpist. Bennett was born in Llanidloes, Wales. As a harpist, she is... more »

Elio Battaglia

Elio Battaglia, is an Italian baritone, singing teacher, and author and lecturer in music. He... more »

Elio Gandolfi

Elio Gandolfi è un cantante italiano attivo negli anni sessanta. Nasce a Traghetto, frazione del... more »

Eliot Daniel

Eliot Daniel was a film score composer and lyricist. more »

Eliot Lipp

Eliot Lipp is a Brooklyn, NY based electronic music artist. He made a name for himself in the... more »

Eliran Avni

Eliran Avni is an Israeli-American pianist. more »

Elisa Do Brasil

Elisa do Brasil est une DJ brésilienne, née en 1979 à Brasilia. more »


Elisabeth Gjerluff Nielsen er dansk sangerinde, musiker & forfatter. Hun er uddannet i Danmarks... more »

Elisabeth Cruciger

Elisabeth Cruciger was the first female poet and hymnwriter of the Protestant Reformation and a... more »

Elisabeth Engstler

Elisabeth „Lizzi“ Engstler ist eine österreichische Fernsehmoderatorin und Sängerin, die 1982... more »

Elisabeth Hermans

Elisabeth Hermans is a Belgian soprano. A graduate of Lemmensinstituut in Leuven and the Antwerp... more »

Elisabeth Jordán

Elisabeth Jordán started her professional career on the television program Popstars, todo por un... more »

Elisabeth Judith Michaela Perlinger

Sissi Perlinger ist eine deutsche Entertainerin, Schauspielerin, Hörspielsprecherin und Autorin. more »

Elisabeth Kværne

Elisabeth Kværne is a Norwegian musician. She plays the langeleik, a string instrument similar... more »

Elisabetta Viviani

Elisabetta Viviani è un'attrice, cantante e showgirl italiana. more »

Elise Lebec

Elise Lebec is a film score composer and a sound engineer. more »

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