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Edith Lefel

Edith Lefel was a French-based singer Lefel's mother was from French Guiana and her father from... more »

Edith Márquez

Edith Márquez Landa is a Mexican singer and actress. She is a dramatic mezzo-soprano. She was... more »

Edition Eight

Edition Eight is a musical artist. more »

Edley Shine

Edley Shine is a musical artist. more »

Edmon Colomer

Edmon Collomer is a Spanish conductor from Barcelona. He conducted Joaquín Rodrigo's Concierto... more »

Edmond de Stoutz

Edmond de Stoutz was a Swiss conductor from Zurich. He was the founder of the Zürcher... more »

Edmond Mondesir

Edmond Mondesir was born in Fort-de-France in 1948. Professor of Philosophy, talented writer and... more »

Edmund Ayrton

Edmund Ayrton was an English organist who was Master of the Children of the Chapel Royal. more »

Edmund Fetting

Edmund Fetting was a Polish film and theatrical actor and occasional singer. Fetting was awarded... more »

Edmund Thomas Chipp

Edmund Thomas Chipp was an English organist and composer. His compositions were principally... more »

Edmund Turges

Edmund Turges thought to be also Edmund Sturges was an English Renaissance era composer who came... more »

Edna Iles

Edna Amy Iles was an English pianist. Iles began her studies in Birmingham with Appleby... more »

Edna Stern

Edna Stern is a Belgian-Israeli pianist. more »

Edna Wright

Edna Wright was a member of the former musical group Honey Cone. more »

Ednah Holt

Ednah Holt is backing vocalist. more »

Edo Mulahalilović

Edo Mulahalilović was a Bosnian songwriter and producer. He was born in Sarajevo and died in... more »

Edoardo de Angelis

Edoardo De Angelis è un cantautore e paroliere italiano. Uno dei più noti cantautori italiani,... more »

Edouard Lippé

Edouard Lippé also frequently spelt Eduardo Lippe. American composer, baritone and singing... more »

Édouard Mignan

Édouard Mignan was a French organist and composer. He was born in Orléans and 14 years old he... more »

Edson Cordeiro

Edson Cordeiro is a sopranist countertenor and pop and jazz singer. more »

Edson Elias

Edson Elias was a Brazilian pianist. He centered his career in France since he was appointed... more »

Edu da Gaita

Edu da Gaita was a Brazilian composer and harmonica player. Apart from releasing multiple solo... more »

Edu Del Prado

Edu Del Prado is a singer, dancer, and an actor. more »

Eduard Brendler

Eduard Brendler was a Swedish composer. He was born in Dresden, Germany but his family moved to... more »

Eduard Sõrmus

Eduard Sõrmus was an early 20th-century Estonian violinist. He was sometimes known as the Red... more »

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