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Jay-J is a house DJ and producer from San Francisco. He has released over 120 recordings since... more »

Jaya Thyagarajan

Jaya Thyagarajan is a traditional Indian artist noted for her Tanjore Paintings. Jaya was born... more »

Jayce Lewis

Jayce Lewis is a Welsh solo artist from Bridgend, South Wales. more »


JayCrazii, 24 years old is a Rap/HipHop artist from Harrisburg,PA Has been doing music... more »


Jaydee is a Dutch house music producer and DJ. The original name was Jei D, which Robin Albers... more »


Jaysus is a German rapper of Greek origin. more »


Jaz is a musical artist. more »

Jazbo Brown

Jazbo Brown was, according to legend, a black delta blues musician from around the turn of the... more »

Jazz Gitti

Jazz Gitti ist eine österreichische Musikerin, Sängerin und Geschäftsfrau. more »

JD Allan

David John Allan, or as he is more commonly known, JD Allan, is a Scottish musician,... more »

Jean "Binta" Breeze

Jean "Binta" Breeze MBE is a Jamaican dub poet, and storyteller. She has worked also as a... more »

Jean Becker

Jean Becker was a prominent German violinist from Mannheim in the Grand Duchy of Baden. more »

Jean Bertola

Jean Bertola was a French pianist. more »

Jean Blaute

Jean Corry Leonard Blaute is een Vlaams gitarist, zanger, componist, songwriter, producer en... more »

Jean Constantin

Jean Constantin is a film score composer. more »

Jean Coquelin

Jean Coquelin was a French film and stage actor. more »

Jean Cox

Jean Cox was an American tenor. more »

Jean de Castro

Jean de Castro was a Belgian Composer. Although he has virtually been forgotten in the revival... more »

Jean Dubé

French pianist Jean Dubé has played the piano from the age of three and started playing concerts... more »

Jean Jacques Smoothie

Jean Jacques Smoothie is a British disc jockey, born in Gloucester as Steve Robson. He has been... more »

Jean Kraft

Jean Kraft is an American operatic mezzo-soprano. She began her career singing with the New York... more »

Jean Molinet

Jean Molinet was a French poet, chronicler, and composer. He is best remembered for his prose... more »

Jean Molino

Jean Molino is professeur ordinaire at the University of Lausanne and a semiologist. His... more »

Jean Nohain

Jean Nohain dit « Jaboune » est un animateur et parolier français, né le 16 février 1900 à Paris... more »

Jean Paul Kürsteiner

Jean Paul Kürsteiner was an American pianist, pedagogue, music publisher, and composer of piano... more »

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