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Rolando Luna

Rolando Luna is a pianist. more »


Roldán González is a member of Cuban hip hop group Orishas. more »

Rolf Björling

Rolf Björling was an opera singer. more »

Rolf Ericson

Rolf Ericson was a Swedish jazz trumpeter. He also played the flugelhorn. more »

Rolf Kalmuczak

Rolf Kalmuczak was a German author. He was an editor of daily papers, freelance contributor at... more »

Rolf Martinsson

Rolf Martinsson is a Swedish composer. Martinsson studied composition at Malmö Academy of Music,... more »

Rolf Miller

Rolf Miller ist ein deutscher Kabarettist. Rolf Miller ist der konsequenteste Minimalist auf... more »

Rolf Schweizer

Rolf Schweizer ist ein deutscher Komponist, Kantor und Kirchenmusikdirektor. more »

Rolf X Wouters

Rolf Xavier Wouters is een Nederlands televisiepresentator en media-adviseur. Voor zijn carrière... more »

Rolf Zuckowski

Rolf Zuckowski is a German singer, composer and Liedermacher, especially known for his... more »

Rolly Brings

Rolly Brings ist ein deutscher Musiker und Texter aus Köln. more »

Roly Porter

Roly Porter is a film score composer. more »

Romain Humeau

Romain Humeau, né le 10 avril 1971 à Aix-en-Provence, est un musicien multi-instrumentiste,... more »

Romalı Perihan

Romalı Perihan, formerly Perihan, Princess of Esfandiari-Bakhtiari, is an internationally-known... more »

Roman Bunka

Roman Bunka is a German guitarist and composer. His second instrument is the Arabic Oud. He is... more »

Roman Cycowski

Roman Cycowski - - polski śpiewak, aktor. Urodził się w rodzinie żydowskiej. Śpiewał barytonem w... more »

Roman Jugg

Roman Jugg is a keyboard player and guitarist. He began his career in the Welsh punk band... more »

Roman Matin

Roman Matin is Russian guitar player, composer, historian. He was born in Belorussia and studied... more »


Romane ist ein französischer Jazzgitarrist in der Tradition Django Reinhardts. Er ist einer der... more »

Romanens Thierry

Thierry Romanens, né en 1963 en France, est un auteur, chanteur, compositeur et humoriste... more »

Romanos the Melodist

Saint Romanos the Melodist or the Hymnographer, was one of the greatest of Greek hymnographers,... more »


Romanthony was an American disc jockey, producer and singer. He was best known for his work with... more »

Romero Lubambo

Romero Lubambo is a Brazilian jazz guitar player. Romero Lubambo started learning classic piano... more »

Romey Gill

Romey Gill was a Punjabi Indian singer. He had success with his songs Nahron Paar Bangla, Jeeto... more »

Romi Mayes

Romi Mayes is a Canadian born musician. Romi Mayes was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and began... more »

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