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Ranina Reddy

Ranina Reddy is an Indian playback singer. She has sung in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and... more »

Ranjon Ghoshal

Ranjon Ghoshal is a founder member of the Bangla band Moheener Ghoraguli, and runs an... more »

Rankin Don

Father Goose, real name Rankin Don, is a singer. more »

Rankin' Taxi

Rankin' Taxi is a Japanese reggae artist, from Yokohama. In 2011, he re-recorded his 1989... more »

Raoul Casadei

Raoul Casadei è un musicista e compositore italiano, famoso per il contributo alla diffusione... more »

Raôul Duguay

Raôul Duguay is an artist, poet, musician, and political activist in the Canadian province of... more »

Raoul Journo

Raoul Journo, né le 18 janvier 1911 à Tunis et décédé le 22 novembre 2001 à Paris, est un... more »

Rap Master Maurice

Rap Master Maurice, is an American artist, known for his revenge raps, based in Seattle. Rap... more »

Raphael Bronstein

Raphael Bronstein was a violinist and violin professor. more »

Raphaël Faÿs

Raphaël Faÿs is a French jazz, gypsy jazz and classical guitarist and composer born in Paris on... more »

Raphaël Gesqua

Raphaël Gesqua is a film score composer. more »

Raphael Urweider

Raphael Bendicht Urweider was born on November 5, 1974 in Bern, Switzerland. He is a writer and... more »

Raphael Xavier

Raphael Xavier Williams -Raphael Xavier is known as an Inmoc-ographer. He is a professional... more »

Raphy Leavitt

Raphy Leavitt is a Puerto Rican composer and founder of the salsa orchestra "La Selecta". more »

Raquel Bitton

Raquel Bitton is a French jazz singer and interpreter of songs by Edith Piaf. more »

Raquel Meller

Raquel Meller, born as Francisca Romana Marqués López, was a Spanish diseuse, cuplé, and... more »

Ras Kwame

Ras Kwame is a British musician, record producer, radio DJ and presenter. He started in the... more »

Ras Sheehama

Ras Sheehama is a Namibian reggae musician. The political pro-SWAPO stance of his father forced... more »

Ras Shiloh

Ras Shiloh, born Thomas Williams on June 3, 1974 in Brooklyn, United States, is a reggae artist... more »

Ras Shorty I

Ras Shorty I was a soca musician, known as the Father of Soca and The Love Man. He was born... more »


Rasheed is a musical artist. more »

Räşit Wahapov

Wahapov-Həyretdinov Räşit Wahap ulı AKA Räşit Wahapov was a Tatar singer. People's Artist of... more »

Ratiba El-Hefny

Ratiba Hefny was an Egyptian and an international Opera singer who has performed in more than... more »


Matt Brotzel, better known as RationaL, is a Canadian hip-hop artist from Saskatoon,... more »


Ratman is a musical artist. more »

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