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Ray Cooper

Ray Cooper is a musician. more »

Ray Copeland

Ray Copeland was an American jazz trumpet player and teacher. more »

Ray Cummins

Ray Cummins is an American guitarist. more »

Ray Fonseca

Ray Fonseca was an American hula dancer and hula master. Fonseca established the Halau Hula O... more »

Ray Foxx

Ray Foxx is an English DJ and music producer who is best known for his hit single "Boom Boom"... more »

Ray Gallen

Ray Gallen is a musical artist. more »

Ray Guell

Raymond Guell, better known as Ray Guell is a singer and composer of Freestyle music. His... more »

Ray Harris

Ray Harris was an American rockabilly musician and songwriter. He formed a band with Wayne... more »

Ray Heredia

"Ray Heredia", cantante y compositor español, es considerado una de las figuras y percursor del... more »

Ray Kernaghan

Ray Kernaghan is an Australian country music artist. He is the father of country music artists... more »

Ray Leatherwood

Ray Leatherwood was an American jazz double-bassist and session musician. Leatherwood's career... more »

Ray Lema

Raymond Lema A'nsi Nzinga, known as Ray Lema, is a Congolese musician, born 30 March 1946 in... more »

Ray Linn

Ray Linn was an American jazz trumpeter. Linn's first major engagements came in the late 1930s,... more »

Ray Lyell

Ray Lyell is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and vocal coach. more »

Ray Mehlbaum

Ray Mehlbaum is an American rock drummer and currently the drummer for Killing Bees. more »

Ray Northcott

Ray Northcott is a percussionist. more »

Ray Obiedo

Ray Obiedo is an American smooth jazz guitarist. Obiedo grew up in Richmond, California, and... more »

Ray Paczkowski

Ray Paczkowski is a keyboardist from Burlington, Vermont. He graduated from high school in the... more »

Ray Perry

Ray Perry was an American jazz violinist and saxophonist. Perry was born in 1915 to a musical... more »

Ray Santisi

Ray Santisi is an American jazz pianist, composer, arranger, recording artist and educator. He... more »

Ray Sasaki

Ray Sasaki is an American trumpeter. He is Professor of Trumpet at the University of Texas at... more »

Ray Sepúlveda

Ray Sepúlveda is a Puerto Rican American salsa singer, born in Brooklyn, New York. Sepúlveda... more »

Ray Smith

Ray Smith was an American country music artist. Born in Glendale, California, Smith began... more »

Ray Staff

Ray Staff is a mastering engineer best known for his work with a diverse mix of artists... more »

Ray Stephens

Ray Stephens best known for starring in the 1980s TV series, The Great Space Coaster, as the... more »

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