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Aldo Tagliapietra

Aldo Tagliapietra is an Italian singer, songwriter and musician best known for his work with the... more »

Aldo Tamborelli

Aldo Tamborelli is a musician and a film score composer. more »

Aldus Roger

Aldus Roger was a Cajun accordion player in southwest Louisiana, best known for his accordion... more »


Aldy is the member of Indonesian musical group Pee Wee Gaskins. more »

Alec Empire

Alec Empire is a German musician who is best known as a founding member of the band Atari... more »

Alec Irvin

Alec Irvin is an American musician. As a drummer, Irvin has worked with Joseph Arthur and Chris... more »

Alec John Such

Alexander "Alec" John Such is a retired American musician, who is of Hungarian descent. He is... more »

Alec MacKaye

Alan MacKaye is the brother of Ian MacKaye. more »

Alec O'Leary

Alec O'Leary is the Director and founder of the Guitar Festival of Ireland and is widely... more »

Alec Palao

Alec Palao is a writer, photographer, musician, and illustrator. more »

Alec Puro

Alec Puro, otherwise known as Alec Püre, was born April 25, 1975 in Santa Monica, California... more »

Alecia Nugent

Alecia Nugent is a country, Americana, bluegrass vocalist and musician. Alecia has worked with... more »

Alecsander Alves

Alecsander Alves is a musical artist. more »


AlecZero is a record producer, songwriter and musician. more »

Aled Jones

Aled Jones MBE is a Welsh singer best known for his television work with BBC and ITV as well as... more »

Alejandra Alberti

Alejandra Alberti is a Latin Grammy nominee for best new artist. more »

Alejandra Guzmán

Gabriela Alejandra Guzmán Pinal, better known as Alejandra Guzmán, is a Mexican... more »

Alejandro Croatto

Alejandro Croatto is a Latin Grammy nominated musician. more »

Alejandro Cruz

Alejandro Cruz is a member of the musical group TKA. more »

Alejandro Diaz

Alejandro Diaz is a musician. more »

Alejandro Duque

Alejandro Duque is a member and drummer of the musical group Bohemia Suburbana. more »

Alejandro Escovedo

Alejandro Escovedo is a Mexican American singer-songwriter. more »

Alejandro Flores

Alejandro Flores is a member of the musical group Café Tacvba. more »

Alejandro García Caturla

Alejandro García Caturla was a Cuban composer of art music and creolized Cuban themes. more »

Alejandro Gutiérrez del Barrio

Alejandro Gutiérrez del Barrio was a Spanish born musician and score composer who worked in the... more »