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Aaron Trubic

As an experienced studio and touring musician, recording engineer, producer, vocalist, cellist... more »

Aaron Young

Aaron Young was a member of the musical group, Barrage. more »

Aaron Zigman

Aaron Zigman is an American composer, producer, arranger, songwriter, and musician for several... more »

Aashish Khan

Aashish Khan Debsharma is an Indian classical musician, known for his virtuosity on the sarod... more »

Ab Baars

Ab Baars is a film music contributor. more »

Abadi Al-Johar

عبادي الجوهر، مغني سعودي. more »

Abarca Crescencio Mendoza

Abarca Crescencio Mendoza is a trumpeter. more »

Abbas Ibn Firnas

Abbas Ibn Firnas, also known as Abbas Abu Al-Qasim Ibn Firnas Ibn Wirdas al-Takurini, was a... more »

Abbey Lincoln

Anna Marie Wooldridge, known by her stage name Abbey Lincoln, was an American jazz vocalist,... more »

Abby Ahmad

Abby Ahmad is a singer-songwriter and a member of the musical group Fife & Drom. more »

Abby Travis

Abby Travis is an American musician, songwriter, and performer. She is the daughter of Alice... more »

Abdul "Duke" Fakir

Abdul "Duke" Fakir is an American singer. He is best known as a member of the Motown act the... more »

Abdulla Majnun

Abdulla Majnun is a musician. more »

Abdullah Chhadeh

Abdullah Chhadeh is a Syrian kanun player more »

Abe Cunningham

Abe Cunningham, is an American musician, best known as the drummer of the alternative metal band... more »

Abe Forman-Greenwald

Abe Forman-Greenwald is a film producer, film editor,film director,cinematographer and musician. more »

Abe Guthrie

Abe Guthrie is the son of Arlo Guthrie. more »

Abe Wilson

Abe Wilson is a member of the musical group Sons of Bill. more »

Aben Eubanks

Aben Eubanks is a musician. more »

Abi Fry

Abi Fry is a Highlands- and Brighton-based violist, playing with various acts including British... more »

Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen, is a Pakistani singer of Sindhi descent and one of the foremost exponents of Sufi... more »

Abiodun Oyewole

Abiodun Oyewole, is a poet, teacher and founding member of the American music and spoken-word... more »


Raymond Abracosa, better known as Abra, is a Filipino hip hop artist. He gained popularity in... more »

Abraham Gomez-Delgado

Abraham Gomez-Delgado is a film score composer. more »

Abraham Quintanilla III

Abraham Isaac "A.B." Quintanilla III better known as A.B., is an American songwriter, record... more »