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Ben Watt

Benjamin Brian Watt is an English musician, DJ, record producer and radio presenter, best known... more »

Ben Weaver

Ben Weaver is an American singer-songwriter. He has a distinctive voice that is often likened to... more »

Ben Weinman

Ben Weinman is an American musician, most notable for being the lead guitarist for the band The... more »

Ben Williams

Ben Williams is a bassist. more »

Ben Wolfe

Ben Wolfe is an American jazz double bassist and academic. more »

Ben Wysocki

Benjamin Wysocki is the drummer for Denver-based piano rock band The Fray. more »

Ben Ziff

Benjamin Martin Ziff is an American actor who has guest-starred in a number of notable... more »

Bence Fülöp

Bence Fülöp is a musician. more »

Bendik Hofseth

Bendik Hofseth is a Norwegian jazz musician, who plays the saxophone and sings. He is also a... more »

Benedict Erchul

Benedict Erchul is a member of the musical group We Were Superheroes. more »

Benedict Taylor

Benedict Taylor is a British solo violist & composer specialising in new music and... more »

Benedicte W. Madsen

Benedicte Westergaard Madsen better known as Dicte is a Danish musician and songwriter. Madsen... more »

Benedicto "Benny" Méndez

Benedicto "Benny" Méndez is a member of the musical group Los Terribles Del Norte. more »

Benedikt Morak

Benedikt Morak is the son of Franz Morak and the lead singer of the Austrian Ska-Band PBH Club. more »

Bengt Elmberg

Bengt Elmberg född Bengt Carl Gunnar Elmberg 15 februari 1921 i Stockholm död 26 mars 1996 i... more »

Bengt Hallberg

Bengt Hallberg was a Swedish jazz pianist, composer and arranger. Born in Gothenburg, he studied... more »

Bengt Lagerberg

Bengt Lagerberg, is best known as the drummer in the Swedish rock band The Cardigans. He is... more »

Bengt-Arne Wallin

Bengt-Arne Wallin, folkbokförd Bengt Arne Wallin, född 13 juli 1926 i Linköping, Östergötlands... more »


Beni is an Australian musician, DJ, producer, and remix engineer. He is a part of the Riot In... more »

Benito Suárez Magana

Benito Suárez Magana is a Cuban guitarist and singer. more »

Benjamin Biolay

Benjamin Biolay is a French singer, songwriter, musician, actor and record producer. He is the... more »

Benjamín Brea

Benjamín Brea was a Spanish-born Venezuelan musician, arranger and teacher, mostly associated... more »

Benjamin Bronfman

Benjamin Bronfman is the lead singer of indie band, The Exit and fiancee of M.I.A. more »

Benjamin Clapp

Benjamin Clapp is an American musician from Boise, Idaho. He has performed, composed, and... more »

Benjamin Escoriza

Benjamin Escoriza is a member of the band Radio Tarifa. more »

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