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Danny Sheridan

Danny Sheridan is an American musician, songwriter, producer, actor, and entertainment manager... more »

Danny Shirley

Danny Shirley is a member of the musical group, Confederate Railroad. more »

Danny Sillada

Danny C. Sillada is a Filipino surrealist painter, poet, philosopher, essayist, musician,... more »

Danny Smith

Daniel Arthur "Danny" Smith is a Canadian actor and musician. more »

Danny Smythe

Danny Smythe was a member of the musical group The Box Tops. more »

Danny Thompson

Daniel Henry Edward 'Danny' Thompson is an English multi-instrumentalist best known as a double... more »

Danny Troob

Daniel "Danny" Troob is an American arranger and orchestrator, best known for his close... more »

Danny Whitten

Daniel Ray Whitten was an American musician and songwriter best known for his work with Neil... more »

Danny Wilson

Danny Wilson is a musician. more »

Danny Worsnop

Danny Worsnop is a musician and a singer-songwriter. more »

Danny Yamamoto

Danny Yamamoto is a member of the musical group, Hiroshima. more »


Danny Swain, better known by his mononymous stage name Danny!, is an American recording artist... more »


Dante Spinetta is an Argentine singer/composer who is part of the duo Illya Kuryaki and the... more »

Dante Aliano

Dante Adrian White aka "Dante Aliano", "Dante Adrian", "Dante White-Aliano", and "Dante White",... more »

Dante Gizzi

Dante Gizzi is a member of the musical group, Gun. more »

Dante Roberson

Dante "Taz" Roberson is an American drummer, musical director, and record producer from the San... more »

Danupol Kaewkarn

Danupol Kaewkarn is a member of Thai Musical Group Grand EX. more »

Dany Boon

Dany Boon is a French comedian who has acted both on the stage and the screen. He takes his... more »


Danzel is a Belgian musician of house, techno and dance, who reached the number 11 in the UK... more »

Daphne Blunt

Daphne Louise Blunt is an American teen actress, singer, web television presenter and... more »

Daphne Walker

Daphne Walker was a popular singer in New Zealand in the 1950s. Many of her recordings were with... more »


Dara is a member of the music group Weather Girls. more »

Dara Daraee

Dara Daraee is a musician. more »

Dara Sedaka

Dara Sedaka is the daughter of American pop singer, pianist, and songwriter Neil Sedaka. more »

Daragh McCarthy

Daragh McCarthy is a Dublin born film-maker and musician. He has directed numerous video clips... more »

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