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Fernando Olvera

José Fernando Emilio "Fher" Olvera is the secondary guitarist, composer, and lead singer for the... more »

Fernando Perdomo

Fernando Jose Perdomo is an American singer-songwriter, musician, multi-instrumentalist, and... more »

Fernando Ricciardi

Fernando Ricciardi is a drummer, percussionist and composer. more »

Fernando Ruiz Diaz

Fernando Ruiz Diaz is a musician and member of Argentine rock band Catupecu Machu. more »

Fernando Samalea

Fernando Samalea is a musical artist, composer and writer. more »

Fernando Trz

Fernando Trz is a film score composer and musician. more »

Fernando Velázquez

Fernando Velázquez is a composer, film score composer and musician. more »


Ferras Alqaisi, known professionally as Ferras, is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who is... more »

Ferris MC

Sascha Reimann, alias Ferris MC, is a German musician, rapper and actor. more »

Ferruccio Carlo Alberti

Ferruccio Carlo Alberti was a musician and father of Louise Lovely. more »

Ferry Gouw

Ferry Gouw is an Indonesian musician, illustrator and video director working in the United... more »

Fiachra Trench

Fiachra Terence Wilbrah Trench is a musician and composer from Drogheda, County Louth in... more »

Figge Boström

Fredrik "Figge" Boström is a Swedish musician, songwriter and music producer. more »

Filberto Rivero

Filberto Rivero is a musician and the father of American actress Diana Canova. more »

Filipe Ricardo

Filipe Ricardo is a member of the band NX Zero. more »

Filippos Pliatsikas

Filippos Pliatsikas was the main composer, lyricist, and lead singer of the Entekhno rock group... more »

Fillmore Slim

Clarence Sims, best known by his stage name, Fillmore Slim, is a blues vocalist and guitarist... more »

Finbar Furey

Finbar Furey is an Irish folk musician best known for his band of brothers The Fureys. Finbar's... more »

Finbar Wright

Edward Finbar Wright, known popularly as Finbar Wright, is a popular music singer, songwriter,... more »

Finbarr Clancy

Finbarr Clancy is a member of the musical group, The High Kings. more »

Finbarr Dwyer

Finbarr Dwyer was a traditional Irish accordion player from the famed Dwyer musical family. He... more »

Fine Cut Bodies

Even though the name Fine Cut Bodies implies more than one person, behind the FCB letters is... more »


Fingazz is a producer, writer, musician, and artist in Los Angeles, CA. more »

Finley Quaye

Finley Quaye is a Scottish musician. He won the 1997 Mobo Award for best reggae act, and the... more »

Finn Savery

Finn Savery is a Danish musician, kapellmeister, and composer. more »

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