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George Adams

George Rufus Adams was an American jazz musician who played tenor saxophone, flute and bass... more »

George Amatino

George Amatino is a Juno award nominated musician. more »

George Anthony

George Anthony is a musician. more »

George Bamby

George Bamby was an actor. more »

George Barnett

George Barnett is the drummer for the band These New Puritans. He is also a model, having shot... more »

George Bellamy

George Bellamy is an English musician and former rhythm guitarist for The Tornados. He is the... more »

George Benson

George Benson is a ten-time Grammy Award-winning American musician. He began his professional... more »

George Bird

George Bird is a member of the musical group, The Rubettes. more »

George Blair

George Blair is a member of the musical group, Fife Constabulary Pipe Band. more »

George Braith

George Braith is a soul-jazz saxophonist from New York. Braith is known for playing multiple... more »

George Bridgetower

George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower was an Afro-Polish-born virtuoso violinist, who lived in... more »

George Bruno Money

George Bruno Money, known as Zoot Money is a British vocalist, keyboardist and bandleader best... more »

George Bruns

George Bruns was a composer of music for film and television who worked on many Disney films. He... more »

George Callins

George Callins is a musician. more »

George Chandler

George Chandler is a musician. more »

George Cole

George Cole is a producer, composer, lyricist, vocalist, session musician and guitarist. He... more »

George Coutoupis

George Coutoupis is an actor and musician. more »

George Craig

George Craig is the English lead singer of the British band One Night Only, and a model for... more »

George Dimitri Sawa

George Dimitri Sawa is a Juno Award nominated musical artist more »

George Doering

George Doering is a musician and a film score composer. more »

George Dreyfus

George Dreyfus AM is an Australian contemporary classical, film and television composer. more »

George Duke

George Duke was an American musician, known as a keyboard pioneer, composer, singer and producer... more »

George Duning

George Duning was an American musician and film composer. He was born in Richmond, Indiana and... more »

George Formby

George Formby, born James Lawler Booth, was an English music hall comedian and musician. He was... more »

George Formby

George Formby, OBE was a British actor, singer-songwriter and comedian. He sang light, comical... more »

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