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Georges Thurston

G. Thurston is a Juno Award nominated composer. more »

Georgi Boyadzhiyski

Georgi Boyadzhiyski is a member of a Bulgarian rock, blues and metal band MIG. more »

Georgi Kay

Georgina "Georgi" Kingsley, most commonly known by her stage name Georgi Kay, is an Australian... more »

Georgia Hubley

Georgia Hubley is an American percussionist, vocalist, and visual artist. She is one of the two... more »

Georgie Born

Georgina Born is a British academic, anthropologist and musician. As a musician she is known as... more »

Georgie Fame

Georgie Fame is an English rhythm and blues and jazz singer, and keyboard player. The one-time... more »

Georgie Price

Georgie Price was an American vaudeville singer and comic who performed in Vitaphone shorts in... more »

Georgio Allentini

Georgio Allentini better known by the stage name and mononym Georgio is an African-American... more »

Georgiy Firtich

Georgiy Firtich is a musician and a film score composer. more »

Ger FitzGerald

Gerald "Ger" FitzGerald played bass for Setanta Records band Catchers. In 1999, he was hired as... more »

Geraint Jarman

Geraint Jarman is a Welsh musician, poet, and television producer whose career dates back to the... more »

Geraint Watkins

Geraint Watkins, is a rock and roll pianist and accordionist backing artistes such as; Nick... more »

Gerald Albright

Gerald Albright is an American jazz saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist. Albright has sold... more »

Gerald Brown

Gerald Brown was a member of the musical group Shalamar. more »

Gerald Caiafa

Jerry Only is an American musician, well known as the bassist for the Misfits and later the... more »

Gerald Casale

Gerald Vincent Casale, often known as Jerry Casale, is a vocalist, bass guitar/synthesizer... more »

Gerald Clayton

Gerald William Clayton is a jazz pianist and composer born in Utrecht, Netherlands, and raised... more »

Gerald E. Hubbard Jr.

Gerald E. Hubbard Jr. is a musician. more »

Gerald Fried

Gerald Fried is an American musician, composer and world class oboist, well known for his... more »

Gerald Isaac

Gerald Isaac is a musician. more »

Gerald Ross

Gerald Ross is a musician specializing in American Roots Music - Swing, Early Jazz, Western... more »

Gerald Santos

Gerald Padua Santos is a singer and actor. He was the grand champion of Pinoy Pop Superstar in... more »

Gerald Valentine

Gerald Valentine is a member of the musical group, Ready for the World. more »

Geraldine Swayne

Geraldine Swayne is a painter who works mainly in miniature in enamel on metal. The pictures'... more »

Geraldo Dominelli

Geraldo Dominelli is a musician and actor. more »

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