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Lucas Silveira

Lucas Silveira is a Canadian vocalist, guitarist and songwriter who performs in the rock band... more »

Lucho Quequezana

Lucho Quequezana is a film score composer. more »

Luci Martin

Luci Martin was a member of the musical group Chic. more »

Luci Martin-Keyes

Luci Martin-Keyes was a member of the musical group, Rough Trade. more »

Lucia Hwong

Lucia Hwong is an American composer and instrumentalist. She has created music for theater,... more »

Lúcia Lemos

Lúcia Lemos is an actor. more »

Lucian Buscemi

Lucian Buscemi is an actor. more »

Luciana Andrade

Luciana Andrade is a musician. more »


Luciano is a member of the Latin Grammy nominated music group CPM 22. more »

Luciano Albo

Luciano Albo is a film score composer and a musician. more »

Luciano Camargo

Luciano Camargo is a singer. more »

Luciano Gaetani

Luciano Gaetani è un musicista e psicologo italiano. Ha fatto parte del gruppo folk Modena City... more »

Luciano Ligabue

Luciano Ligabue, commonly known as Ligabue, is an Italian singer-songwriter, film director and... more »

Luciano Rojas

Luciano Rojas is a member of the musical group La Ley. more »

Luciano Scaglione

Luciano Scaglione is a musician. more »

Luciano Supervielle

Luciano Supervielle is a Latin Grammy nominated musician. more »

Luciano Titi

Luciano Titi is a musician. more »

Lucie Idlout

Lucie Idlout is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Nunavut. She is the daughter of Leah... more »

Lucien Gainsbourg

Lucien Gainsbourg is an actor, musician and composer. more »

Lucio Dalla

Lucio Dalla is a film score composer. more »

Lucio Maia

Lucio Maia is a member of the Brazilian band Nação Zumbi. more »

Lucio Manca

Lucio Manca is an Italian bass player and currently plays for the Doom Metal band Exorcism and... more »

Lucius Banda

Lucius Banda is a Malawian musician and politician. He was an MP for the district of Balaka North. more »

Lucius Borich

Lucius Borich is an Australian musician, best known as the former drummer for the band Cog, and... more »

Lucius Shepard

Lucius Shepard is an American writer. Classified as a science fiction and fantasy writer, he... more »

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