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Mariko Doi

Mariko Doi is a member of the musical group Yuck. more »

Marilou Chollet

Marilou Chollet is a musician. more »

Marilyn Crispell

Marilyn Crispell is an American jazz pianist and composer. more »

Marilyn Manson

Brian Hugh Warner, better known by his stage name Marilyn Manson, is an American musician,... more »

Marilyn Nokwe

Marilyn Nokwe is a member of the musical group Mango Groove. more »

Marilyn Olson Oliveri

Marilyn Olson Oliveri is a musician, bassist and vocalist. more »

Marin Bezhanov

Marin Bezhanov is a musician. more »

Marin Goleminov

Marin Petrov Goleminov was a Bulgarian composer, violinist, conductor and pedagogue. Goleminov... more »

Marina "la Canillas" Abad

Marina "la Canillas" Abad is a musician. more »

Marina & the Diamonds

Marina Lambrini Diamandis, better known by her stage name Marina and the Diamonds, is a Welsh... more »

Marina Verenikina

Marina Verenikina is a Russian-American singer/musician. She was born in the city of Moscow in... more »


Marinella is one of the most popular Greek singers whose career has spanned several decades. She... more »

Mario Adnet

Mario Adnet is a musician. more »

Mario Alberto Ortiz

Mario Alberto Ortiz is a musician. more »

Mario Alvarado Villaseñor

Mario Alvarado Villaseñor is a musician. more »

Mario Álvarez

Mario Álvarez is a Spanish singer. He is the winner of seventh series of Operación Triunfo in... more »

Mario Álvarez

Mario Álvarez is a musician. more »

Mario Angel Peña

Mario Angel Peña is a member of the musical group, Duelo. more »

Mario Barassi

Mario Barassi is a member of the band Los Súper Ratones. more »

Mario Calire

Mario Calire is a veteran LA-based drummer, celebrated for his long affiliations with The... more »

Mario Carrero

Mario Carrero is a Uruguayan musician, best known for his work with Eduardo Larbanois in the duo... more »

Mario Cipollina

Mario Cipollina is a musician. more »

Mario D'Alba

Mario D'Alba was an artist, actor, singer, composer, lawyer, screenwriter, journalist, painter... more »

Mário Delgado

Mário Delgado is a musical artist. more »

Mario Finzi

Mario Finzi was born in Bologna, Italy, from an Italian Jewish family: both his father Amerigo... more »

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