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Mike Dwarf

Mike Dwarf is a musical artist. more »

Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards is a musician and a member of the band Jesus Jones. more »

Mike Effenberger

Mike Effenberger is a keyboardist. more »

Mike Einziger

Michael Aaron "Mike" Einziger is an American Grammy-nominated musician known as the co-writer... more »

Mike Elliott

Mike Elliott is a saxophonist who was born in Jamaica on 6 August 1929. He played on Ska... more »

Mike Elliott

Mike Elliott was an American jazz guitarist. more »

Mike Errico

Mike Errico is an American singer-songwriter, composer, producer and music supervisor whose... more »

Mike Fabulous

Mike Fabulous is a member of the musical groups, The Black Seeds and Fly My Pretties. more »

Mike Fahie

Mike Fahie is a member of the Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra. more »

Mike Figgis

Michael "Mike" Figgis is an English film director, screenwriter, and composer. more »

Mike Filitis

Mike Filitis is a bassist. more »

Mike Finnigan

Mike Finnigan is an American keyboard player and vocalist, his speciality being the Hammond Organ. more »

Mike Fleck

Mike Fleck was a member of the musical group, Blue Cheer. more »

Mike Folsom

Mike Folsom is a member of the musical group, Shenandoah. more »

Mike Ford

Michael John "Mike" Ford is a Canadian singer-songwriter, and a former member of Toronto band... more »

Mike Francis

Michele Francesco Puccioni, better known under his stage name Mike Francis, was an Italian... more »

Mike Fuentes

Mike Fuentes is an American musician from San Diego, California. He is the drummer for the... more »

Mike Galvin

Mike Galvin is a member of the musical group, De Dannan. more »

Mike Getz

Mike Getz is an actor. more »

Mike Gommeringer

Mike Gommeringer is a drummer. more »

Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon is a bass guitar player and vocalist most recognized as a founding member and... more »

Mike Grose

Mike Grose played bass guitar for Queen for several months in 1970-71, including the band's... more »

Mike Guggino

Mike Guggino is a member of the musical group Steep Canyon Rangers. more »

Mike H

Michael "Dirt" Hindert is the bass guitarist of the New York rock/electronica band The... more »

Mike Hanopol

Mike Hanopol is a Filipino rock music icon singer, guitarist, and recording artist. He was a... more »

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