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Mikko Tarmia

Mikko Tarmia is a Finnish video game music composer known for working with Codeblender Software,... more »

Mikko Virta

Mikko Virta on suomalainen kitaristi. Hänet tunnetaan parhaiten PMMP-yhtyeen kitaristina. PMMP:n... more »

Miklós Borhi

Miklós Borhi is a musical artist. more »

Miklós Malek jr.

Miklos Malek is a Hungarian songwriter, music producer and artist and television personality,... more »

Miko Spears

Miko Spears is a musician. more »

Mikos Zavros

Mikos Zavros is a musician, actor, and writer. more »

Mikołaj Rej

Mikołaj Rej or Mikołaj Rey of Nagłowice was a Polish poet and prose writer of the emerging... more »

Mikołaj Trzaska

Mikołaj Trzaska is a musician, composer and film score composer. more »

Mila Levesque

Mila Levesque was a member of the musical group, Alice DeeJay. more »

Milan Hlavsa

Milan "Mejla" Hlavsa was the founder, chief songwriter, and original bassist of the Czech band... more »

Milan Mladenovic

Milan Mladenović was a Yugoslavian musician best known as the frontman of the Yugoslav art rock... more »

Milan Nikolić

Milan Nikolić is a Serbian accordionist who was the Serbian entry for the Eurovision Song... more »

Milan Williams

Milan B. Williams was an American keyboardist and a founding member of the Commodores... more »

Milan Zekavica

Milan Zekavica is a musician and a former member of the band The Escape Club. more »

Miland Petrozza

Miland "Mille" Petrozza is a German guitarist and singer. He is best known for being the lead... more »

milch of source

milch of source is a musician. more »

Mile Kekin

Mile Kekin is a musician and actor. more »

Milena Govich

Milena Govich is an American actress, singer, dancer, and musician, best known for portraying... more »

Miles Cain

Miles Cain is a writer, storyteller and musician based in York, England. more »

Miles Copeland, Jr.

Miles Axe Copeland, Jr. was an American musician, businessman, and CIA officer who was closely... more »

Miles Crawford

Miles Crawford is a member of the musical group, Darwin Deez. more »

Miles Davis

Miles Dewey Davis III was an American jazz musician, trumpeter, bandleader, and composer. Widely... more »

Miles Fisher

Miles Fisher is an American film and television actor and musician. Born as James Leslie Miles... more »

Miles Hunt

Miles Hunt is the singer / guitarist and songwriter for the Stourbridge, England-based... more »

Miles Michaud

Miles Michaud is a member of the American rock band Allah-Las. more »

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