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Oscar Cash

Oscar Cash is a member of the musical group Metronomy. more »

Oscar Dominguez

Oscar Dominguez is a member of the musical group 1910 Fruitgum Company. more »

Oscar Dronjak

Oscar Fredrick Dronjak is the rhythm and lead guitarist and founder of the Heavy Metal band... more »

Oscar Dunn

Oscar James Dunn was one of three African Americans who served as a Republican Lieutenant... more »

Oscar Granieri

Oscar Granieri is a member of the band Los Súper Ratones. more »

Oscar Harrison

Oscar Lloyd Harrison is an English musician who currently plays drums with Birmingham-based band... more »

Oscar Ivan Treviño

Oscar Ivan Treviño is a member of the musical group, Duelo. more »

Oscar Lopez

Oscar Lopez is a Chilean-Canadian folk and nouveau flamenco guitarist. He has won many awards... more »

Oscar Moore

Oscar Moore was an American swing jazz guitarist. Moore was an integral part of the Nat King... more »

Oscar Ponce

Oscar Ponce is a member of the musical group Los Horoscopos de Durango. more »

Oscar Rabin

Oscar Rabin was a Latvian born English bandleader and musician. He was notable for being the... more »

Oscar Schwebel

Oscar Schwebel is a member of the musical group, OV7. more »

Oscar Serrano

Oscar Serrano is a member of the band Grupo Manía. more »

Oscar Urbina Jr.

Oscar Urbina Jr. is a member of the musical group, Alacranes Musical. more »

Oscar Valdés

Oscar Valdés is a member of the band Irakere. more »

Oscar Zárate

Oscar Zárate is a musician. more »

Oskar Franzén

Oskar Franzén is a musician and an actor. more »

Oskar Kuchera

Oskar Kuchera is an actor, television presenter, musician, singer and radio personality. more »

Oskar Linnros

Hans Oskar "Kihlen" Linnros is a Swedish musician. He was part of the alternative hip hop band... more »

Osman Hadžić

Osman Hadžić is a Bosnian folk singer. more »

Osmar Maderna

Osmar Maderna was a musician and composer. more »

Osmo Ikonen

Osmo Ikonen on suomalainen laulaja, lauluntekijä ja multi-instrumentalisti. Hän on julkaissut... more »


Oso is a musician. more »

Ossi Aalto

Osmo ”Ossi” Adolf Aalto oli suomalainen jazzrumpali ja orkesterinjohtaja. Hän johti vuodesta... more »

Ossi Malinen

Ossi Malinen oli suomalainen muusikko. Hän tuli tunnetuksi 1950- ja 1960-luvulla... more »

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