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Paul Kevin Jonas, Sr.

Paul Kevin Jonas, Sr., is a songwriter, musician and former ordained minister at an Assemblies... more »

Paul King

Paul King is an Irish-born English singer, musician, VJ and TV presenter. more »

Paul Kodish

Paul Kodish is a professional drummer raised in Willesden, London. Kodish has performed with... more »

Paul Korda

Paul Korda is an English songwriter, singer, musician, and actor. He has been writing and... more »

Paul Kosok

Paul August Kosok, an American professor in history and government, is credited with being the... more »

Paul Kossoff

Paul Francis Kossoff was an English rock guitarist best known as a member of the band... more »

Paul Kostabi

Ena Kostabi was a member of the musical group, White Zombie. more »

Paul Kowert

Paul Kowert is a contemporary double bassist. His styles include classical, bluegrass, and... more »

Paul Landers

Paul Landers is a German musician, notable as rhythm guitarist for the Neue Deutsche Härte band... more »

Paul Langlois

Paul Langlois is a Canadian guitarist, best known as the rhythm guitarist for the rock band The... more »

Paul Lavalle

Paul Lavalle was a conductor, composer, arranger and performer on clarinet and saxophone. He was... more »

Paul Lawler

Paul Lawler is a composer. more »

Paul Layton

Paul Layton is an English musician and former child actor. He is best known for being the... more »

Paul Leary

Paul Leary is an American musician from Austin, Texas, best known as the guitarist for American... more »

Paul Lee

Paul Pesiri (born, January 22, 1960), known by his stage name Paul Lee, is an American bass... more »

Paul Leu

Paul Leu is a musician and a pianist. more »

Paul Leveridge

Paul Leveridge was a member of Black Grape. more »

Paul Lipman

Paul Lipman is a musical artist. more »

Paul Lovens

Paul Lovens is a musician. He plays drums, percussion, singing saw and various selected and... more »

Paul Lowman

Paul Lowman is a Canadian musician. He is the bass player for Cuff the Duke. more »

Paul Mac

Paul Francis McDermott, who performs as Paul Mac, is an Australian electro-pop musician,... more »

Paul Mahern

Paul Mahern is an American rock and pop record producer, mixing and mastering engineer, singer,... more »

Paul Mahon

Paul Mahon is a musical artist. more »

Paul Marazzi

Paul Thomas Leo Marazzi is a British musician, the oldest member of A1. Marazzi was the first to... more »

Paul Martin Espada Flores

Paul Martin Espada Flores is a guitarist. more »

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