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Alan Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury

Alan John Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury was a British business executive and a leading member of... more »

Alan Wallace

Alan Wallace was the father of Sir William Wallace, a knight and Scottish landowner famously... more »

Alan, 1st Earl of Richmond

Alan of Penthièvre of Brittany, 1st Earl of Richmond, 1st Earl of Cornwall, Breton Alan Penteur,... more »

Alan, Count of Vannes

Alan, Earl of Vannes and Prince of Brittany, was a legitimate son of Rivallo IV of Brittany,... more »


Alapaʻi wahine was a Princess of the Island of Hawaii and great-grandmother of King David... more »

Alara of Nubia

Alara was a King of Kush who is generally regarded as the founder of the Napatan royal dynasty... more »

Alastair Gordon, 6th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair

Alastair Ninian John Gordon, 6th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair was a botanical artist and art... more »

Alastair, 2nd Duke of Connaught and Strathearn

Alastair Arthur Windsor, 2nd Duke of Connaught and Strathearn was a member of the British Royal... more »

Alauddin al-Kahar

Sultan Alauddin Ri'ayat Syah al-Kahar was the third sultan of Aceh, and was one of the strongest... more »

Alauddin Husain Shah

Ala-ud-din Husain Shah was an independent late medieval Sultan of Bengal, who founded the... more »

Alauddin Riayat Shah II of Johor

Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah II was the first Sultan of Johor. He ruled Johor from 1528 to 1564... more »


Alaungsithu or Sithu I was king of Pagan Dynasty of Burma from c. 1112 to 1167. Sithu's reign... more »

Albemarle Bertie, 9th Earl of Lindsey

Lieutenant-General Albemarle Bertie, 9th Earl of Lindsey was a British nobleman and general. He... more »

Alberada of Buonalbergo

Alberada of Buonalbergo was the first wife of Robert Guiscard, duke of Apulia, whom she married... more »

Alberic I of Spoleto

Alberic I was the Lombard duke of Spoleto from between 896 and 900 until 920, 922, or... more »

Alberic III, Count of Tusculum

Alberic III was the Count of Tusculum, along with Galeria, Preneste, and Arce, from 1024, when... more »

Albert Azzo I, Margrave of Milan

Albert Atto I was the son of Oberto II and Railend, widow of Sigfred, Count of Seprio. He was a... more »

Albert Azzo II, Margrave of Milan

Alberto Azzo II, Margrave of Milan, and Liguria, Count of Gavello and Padua, Rovigo, Lunigiana,... more »

Albert Casimir, Duke of Teschen

Prince Albert Casimir August of Saxony, Duke of Teschen was a German prince from the House of... more »

Albert Clauson, 1st Baron Clauson

Albert Charles Clauson, 1st Baron Clauson CBE KC PC was a British barrister and judge who sat as... more »

Albert Fairfax, 12th Lord Fairfax of Cameron

Albert Kirby Fairfax, 12th Lord Fairfax of Cameron, was an American-born Scottish Representative... more »

Albert I of Germany

Albert I of Habsburg, the eldest son of King Rudolf I of Germany and his first wife Gertrude of... more »

Albert I, Count of Namur

Albert I was the son of Robert I, Count of Lomme. He became Count of Namur in 998. He married... more »

Albert I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen

Albert I of Brunswick-Grubenhagen was a Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, and Prince of... more »

Albert I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg

Albert the Tall, of the House of Welf, was Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg from 1252 to 1269 and the... more »