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Abraham Creighton, 2nd Earl Erne

Abraham Creighton, 2nd Earl Erne was an Irish peer and politician. He was the elder son of the... more »

Abraham Hume, 1st Baronet

Sir Abraham Hume, 1st Baronet was a British Member of Parliament for Steyning, 1747–1761, and... more »

Abu 'Abd Allah

Al-Mustansir Bi'llah was born in Baghdad on 1192. On his father's death in 1226 he has succeeded... more »

Abu Abdallah al-Qaim

Abu Abdallah al-Qaim bi Amrillah of Tagmadert in the Draa River valley was the ancestor of the... more »

Abu Abdallah Mohammed II Saadi

Abu Abdallah Mohammed II, Al-Mutawakkil, often simply Abdallah Mohammed was the oldest son of... more »

Abu al-Abbas Ahmad II

Abu al-Abbas Ahmad II was an Hafsid Caliph of Ifriqiya. He restored the Hafsid kingdom to full... more »

Abu Bakar of Johor

Sultan Sir Abu Bakar ibni Daing Ibrahim, also known as Albert Baker, was the 21st Sultan of... more »

Abu Bakar of Pahang

In full, Sultan Abu Bakar Riayatuddin Al-Muadzam Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Al-Mutassim... more »

Abu Bakr II ibn `Abd al-Munan

Abu Bakr II ibn `Abd al-Munan was the emir of Harar. He was the son of `Abd al-Mannan, the... more »

Abu Bakr Shah

Sultan Abu Bakr Shah, was a Muslim Turkic ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty. He was the son of Zafar... more »

Abu Faris Abd al-Aziz II

Abu Faris Abd al-Aziz II was an Hafsid Caliph of Ifriqiya. He proceeded to further consolidate... more »

Abu Faris Abdallah

Abu Faris Abdallah, nicknamed al-Wathik Billah was a ruler of the Saadi dynasty. He was one of... more »

Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik I Saadi

Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik I, often simply Abd al-Malik or Mulay Abdelmalek, was the Saadi Sultan... more »

Abu Sa'id Bahadur Khan

Abu Sa'id Bahadur Khan also spelled Abusaid Bahador Khan, Abu Sayed Behauder, was the ninth... more »

Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur

Abu Yusuf Ya'qub al-Mansur, also known as Moulay Yacoub, was the third Almohad Caliph... more »

Acfred, Duke of Aquitaine

Acfred was briefly Count of Auvergne and Duke of Aquitaine between 926 and his death, succeeding... more »

Achard II, Count of Lecce

Achard II was the Norman count of Lecce and Ostuni, both in southern Apulia, in today's southern... more »

Ada de Warenne

Ada de Warenne was the Anglo-Norman wife of Henry of Scotland, Earl of Northumbria and Earl of... more »

Ada King-Milbanke, 14th Baroness Wentworth

Ada Mary King-Milbanke, 14th Baroness Wentworth was a British peeress. King-Milbanke was the... more »

Ada, Countess of Holland

Ada was Countess of Holland between 1203 and 1207. more »

Adalbero, Duke of Carinthia

Adalbero of Eppenstein was Duke of Carinthia from 1011 or 1012 until 1035. He succeeded Duke... more »

Adalbert I, Count of Vermandois

Adalbert I of Vermandois, in 946 he succeeded his father as Count of Vermandois. more »

Adalbert I, Duke of Teck

Adalbert I, Duke of Teck, was a German nobleman. After the death of his brother Berthold IV, he... more »

Adalbert of Italy

Adalbert was the Margrave of Ivrea and a joint king of Italy with his father from 950 to... more »

Adalbert, Duke of Lorraine

Adalbert was the Duke of Upper Lorraine from 1047 until his death. He was the first son of... more »