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Edith of England, also spelt Eadgyth or Ædgyth, was the daughter of Edward the Elder, and the... more »

Eadnoth the Constable

Eadnoth the Constable, also known as Eadnoth the Staller, was an Anglo-Saxon landowner and... more »


Eadwig, more rarely Edwy, sometimes nicknamed All-Fair or the Fair, was King of England from 955... more »

Ealdgyth, daughter of Earl Ælfgar

Ealdgyth, also Aldgyth or in modern English, Edith, was a daughter of Ælfgar, Earl of Mercia,... more »


‹The template Infobox royalty is being considered for merging.› Ealhswith or Ealswitha was the... more »

Ebalus, Duke of Aquitaine

Ebalus or Ebles Manzer or Manser was Count of Poitou and Duke of Aquitaine on two occasions:... more »

Ebba Bernadotte

Princess Ebba Bernadotte, née Ebba Henrietta Munck af Fulkila, was a Swedish noble, lady in... more »

Eberhard II, Count of the Mark

Eberhard II was a German nobleman. He was Count of the Mark from 1277 until his death. He was... more »

Eberhard of Friuli

Eberhard was the Frankish Duke of Friuli from 846. His name is alternatively spelled Everard,... more »

Eberwin III, Count of Bentheim-Steinfurt

Eberwin III, Count of Bentheim-Steinfurt was a German nobleman. He was a member of the elder... more »

Ebles I of Roucy

Ebles I of Roucy was count of Roucy from 1000 to 1033 and archbishop of Reims from 1021 to 1033... more »


Ecgwynn or Ecgwynna, was the first consort of Edward the Elder, later king of the English, by... more »

Eckard I, Margrave of Meissen

Eckard I was Margrave of Meissen from 985 until his death, the first margrave of the... more »

Eckhard I, Count of Scheyern

Eckhard I of Scheyern was a son of Otto I, Count of Scheyern. His mother can not be... more »

Edda Mussolini

Edda Mussolini was the eldest child of Benito Mussolini, Italy's fascist dictator from 1922 to... more »

Edelmira Sampedro y Robato

Edelmira Ignacia Adriana de Sampedro-Ocejo y Robato was known as Countess of Covadonga after her... more »

Edgar Berkeley Gifford, 4th Baron Gifford

Edgar Berkely Gifford, 4th Baron Gifford, was a British peer. He was the son of Robert Francis... more »

Edgar Stuart, Duke of Cambridge

Edgar, Duke of Cambridge was the fourth son of James, Duke of York and his first wife Anne... more »

Edgar the Peaceful of England

Edgar the Peaceful, or Edgar I, also called the Peaceable, was king of England from 959 to 975... more »

Edgar the Ætheling

Edgar Ætheling or Edgar II was the last male member of the royal house of Cerdic of Wessex. He... more »

Edith Abney-Hastings, 12th Countess of Loudoun

Edith Maud Abney-Hastings, 12th Countess of Loudoun was a British peeress. more »

Edith of Wessex

Edith of Wessex married King Edward the Confessor of England on 23 January 1045. Unlike most... more »

Edith Rawdon-Hastings, 10th Countess of Loudoun

Edith Maud Rawdon-Hastings, 10th Countess of Loudoun was a Scottish peeress, the daughter of... more »

Edith the Fair

Edith Swannesha, also known as Edith Swanneschals or Edith the Fair, was the first wife or... more »

Edith Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Marchioness of Londonderry

Edith Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Marchioness of Londonderry DBE was a noted and influential society... more »

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