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Gabriel de Rochechouart de Mortemart

Gabriel de Rochechouart de Mortemart, Duke of Mortemart was a French nobleman and father of the... more »

Gabriel of Lencastre, 7th Duke of Aveiro

His full name was Gabriel de Lencastre Ponce de León Manrique de Lara Cádenas Girón y Aragon,... more »

Gabriela von Habsburg

Gabriela von Habsburg, also known as Archduchess Gabriela of Austria, is the Ambassador of... more »

Gabrielle d'Estrées

Gabrielle d'Estrées, Duchess of Beaufort and Verneuil, Marchioness of Monceaux was a mistress of... more »

Gabrielle de Rochechouart de Mortemart

Gabrielle de Rochechouart de Mortemart, Marchioness of Thianges was a French noblewoman. A great... more »

Galam Cennalath

Galam Cennalath was a king of the Picts from 550 to 555. The Pictish Chronicle king lists have... more »

Galan Erilich

Galan Erilich was a king of the Picts from 510 to 522. The Pictish Chronicle king lists have him... more »

Galbraith Lowry-Corry, 7th Earl Belmore

Galbraith Armar Lowry-Corry, 7th Earl Belmore was an Irish peer and the son of Major Adrian... more »

Galeazzo I Visconti

Galeazzo I Visconti was lord of Milan from 1322 to 1327. more »

Galeazzo II Visconti

Galeazzo II Visconti was a member of the Visconti dynasty and a ruler of Milan, Italy. more »

Galeazzo Maria Alvise Emanuele Ruspoli, 2nd Duke of Morignano

Don Galeazzo Maria Alvise Emanuele dei Principi Ruspoli was the 2nd Duca di Morignano, Nobile di... more »

Galeazzo Maria Sforza

Galeazzo Maria Sforza was Duke of Milan from 1466 until his death. He was famous for being... more »

Galindo Aznárez I

Galindo Aznárez I was Count of Aragón from 844 to 867. He was the son of Aznar Galíndez I, who... more »


Flavia Galla was an Empress of the Roman Empire and a Princess of the Western Roman Empire. She... more »

Galyani Vadhana

Galyani Vadhana, the Princess of Naradhiwas was a princess of Thailand and the elder sister of... more »


Gamzat-bek, Hamza-Bek, was the second imam of the Caucasian Imamate, who succeeded Ghazi Mollah... more »

Gao Yao

Gao Yao was the Minister for Law of Emperor Shun in prehistorical China according to tradition... more »

García Álvarez de Toledo, 1st Duke of Alba

García Álvarez de Toledo y Carrillo, 1st Duke of Alba de Tormes was a Spanish nobleman, military... more »

García Fernández of Castile

García Fernández, called of the White Hands, was the count of Castile and Alava from 970 to 995. more »

García I of León

García I was the King of León from 910 until his death and eldest of three succeeding sons of... more »

García Íñiguez of Pamplona

García Íñiguez, sometimes García I, II, or III, was king of Pamplona from 851/2 until his... more »

García Ramírez of Navarre

García Ramírez, sometimes García IV,V, VI or VII, called the Restorer, was Lord of Monzón and... more »

García Sánchez I of Pamplona

García Sánchez I, sometimes García I, II, III or IV was the king of Pamplona from 931 until his... more »

García Sánchez III of Navarre

García Sánchez III, sometimes García III, IV, V, or VI, was king of Navarre from 1035 to 1054... more »

García Sánchez of Castile

García Sánchez was the last independent count of Castile from 1017 to his death. Son of Sancho... more »

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