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Iacopo III Appiani

Iacopo III Appiani was Prince of Piombino of the Appiani dynasty in the Renaissance. He was born... more »

Iain Murray, 10th Duke of Atholl

Iain Murray, 10th Duke of Atholl DL, known as Wee Iain, was a Scottish peer and landowner. more »

Ian Anstruther

Sir Ian Fife Campbell Anstruther, of that Ilk, 8th Baronet of Balcaskie and 13th Baronet of... more »

Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll

Ian Douglas Campbell, 11th and 4th Duke of Argyll, known as Ian Campbell until 1949, was a... more »

Ian Campbell, 12th Duke of Argyll

Ian Campbell, 12th and 5th Duke of Argyll, FRSA, styled Marquess of Lorne between 1949 and 1973,... more »

Ian Ogilvy-Grant, 8th Earl of Seafield

Ian Charles Ogilvy-Grant, 8th Earl of Seafield was a Scottish peer. He resided at Cullen House... more »

Ibrahim I of the Maldives

Sultan Ibraahim, Sri dhanmaru Veeru Mahaa radhun was the sultan of The Maldives from 1398 to... more »

Ibrahim ibn al-Walid

Ibrahim ibn Al-Walid was an Umayyad caliph, and a son of Caliph al-Walid I. He only ruled for a... more »

Ibrahim Ismail of Johor

Sultan Ibrahim Ismail is the 25th and incumbent Sultan of Johor. He is the son of Sultan... more »

Ibrahim IV of Kelantan

Paduka Sri Sultan Sir Ibrahim IV Prtra ibn Almarhum Sultan Muhammad IV, KCMG, was the Sultan of... more »

Ida Cockayne

Ida, Lady Cockayne, born Ida or Edith de Grey, was a Cambro-Norman noblewoman, and the daughter... more »

Ida of Wettin

Ida of Wettin was Duchess of Bohemia as the wife of Spytihněv II of Bohemia. She was born about... more »

Idris bin Abdullah al-Senussi

Idris bin Abdullah al-Senussi is an exiled Libyan opposition figure and a claimant to the... more »

Idris Shah I of Perak

Idris Shah I of Perak was the 19th Sultan and Yang di-Pertuan of Perak. He succeeded his... more »

Ifor Evans, Baron Evans of Hungershall

Ifor Evans, Baron Evans of Hungershall was a British academic and university administrator. He... more »

Ignacio Ramírez de Haro, 15th Count of Bornos

Don Ignacio Fernando Ramírez de Haro y Pérez de Guzmán, 15th Count of Bornos, Grandee of Spain... more »

Ignacy Jakub Massalski

Prince Ignacy Massalski was a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman. Ignacy became a Catholic priest and... more »

Igor Yaroslavich

Igor Yaroslavich was one of the younger sons of Yaroslav the Wise from the Rurikid dynasty of... more »

Ilija Birčanin

Ilija Birčanin was a Serbian knez who was killed during the Slaughter of the Dukes, the incident... more »

Ilona Zrínyi

Countess Ilona Zrínyi was one of the last surviving members of the Croatian Zrinski/Zrínyi noble... more »

Imagina of Isenburg-Limburg

Imagina of Isenburg-Limburg was the Queen consort of Adolf of Nassau, King of Germany. more »

Imam Shamil

Imam Shamil also spelled Shamyl, Schamil, Schamyl or Shameel was an Avar political and religious... more »

Imperial Concubine Chun

Imperial Concubine Chun was a consort of the Jiaqing Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. more »

Imperial Concubine Mao

Imperial Concubine Mao was the daughter of Jinzhu, and one of the concubines of Yongzheng Emperor. more »

Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui

Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui was a consort of the Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. more »

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