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K'awiil Chan K'inich

K'awiil Chan K'inich was the last Maya king of Dos Pilas. He is also known as the Ruler 4 and... more »


Kaemsekhem was an Ancient Egyptian nobleman, and likely the son of Crown Prince Kawab and... more »

Kahekili II

Kahekili II, full name Kahekilinuiʻahumanu, was the twenty fifth King of Maui. His name was... more »


Kaʻiminaʻauao was a Hawaiian princess by adoption to Queen Kalama and King Kamehameha III. She... more »

Kalākua Kaheiheimālie

Kalākua Kaheiheimālie, later known as Hoapili Wahine was a member of Hawaiian royalty who was... more »


Kalama Hakaleleponi Kapakuhaili was a Queen consort of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi alongside her... more »


Kalanikauleleiaiwi was a Chiefess on the island of Hawaiʻi in the late 17th century and early... more »


Kalaninuiamamao was a Prince of the Big Island of Hawaiʻi, or 1st Aliʻi Nui of Kaʻū, an ancestor... more »


Pauahi was a member of the royal family of the Kingdom of Hawaii in the House of Kamehameha... more »


Kalaniʻōpuʻu-a-Kaiamamao was a Hawaiian monarch, the 6th Aliʻi of Kohala, 4th Aliʻi of the Kona... more »


Datu Kalantiaw is a mythical Filipino character who was said to have created the first legal... more »

Kale Kyetaungnyo

Kale Kyetaungnyo was king of Ava from 1425 to 1426 for six months. He came to power by... more »

Kaliman Asen II of Bulgaria

Kaliman Asen II, or commonly, but less accurately Koloman Asen II, ruled as emperor of Bulgaria... more »

Kaliman I of Bulgaria

Kaliman Asen I, reigned as emperor of Bulgaria from 1241 to 1246. Kaliman Asen I was the son of... more »


James Kaliokalani was a Hawaiian noble, member of the House of Kalākaua and brother of the last... more »


Kalokuokamaile, was a Hawaiian chief and first-born son of Keoua Kalanikupuapaikalaninui and... more »

Kaloyan of Bulgaria

Kaloyan the Romanslayer, Ivan II, ruled as emperor of Bulgaria 1197–1207. He is the third and... more »


Kamakaʻimoku was a chiefess in ancient Hawaii in the early 18th century. She married three... more »


Kamāmalu Kalani-Kuaʻana-o-Kamehamalu-Kekūāiwa-o-kalani-Kealiʻi-Hoʻopili-a-Walu was Queen consort... more »


Kamanawa was a Hawaiian high chief and early supporter of King Kamehameha I, known as one of the... more »

Kamanawa II

Kamanawa II known as Kamanawa ʻŌpio or Kamanawa ʻElua was a Hawaiian high chief and grandfather... more »


Kamauaua was the first known Alii Aimoku of Molokai, ruling either in the 11th or 13th century... more »


Kamauliwahine was the 4th Alii Aimoku of Molokai. She ruled as a titular Queen regnant of the... more »


Kamokuiki was a grandmother of the last two ruling monarchs of the Kingdom of Hawaii. more »

Kanaung Mintha

Kanaung Mintha was a son of King Tharrawaddy and younger brother of King Mindon of Burma... more »