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Maad a Sinig Kumba Ndoffene Famak Joof

Maad a Signig Kumba Ndoffene Famak Joof was the King of Sine in modern day Senegal. Maad a Sinig... more »

Mabel Browne, Countess of Kildare

Mabel Browne, Countess of Kildare was the wife of Gerald FitzGerald, 11th Earl of Kildare, Baron... more »

Mabel Digby

Mabel Digby, Lady of Dromana and Decies was an Anglo-Irish noblewoman being the eldest daughter... more »

Mabel FitzRobert of Gloucester

Mabel FitzRobert, Countess of Gloucester was an Anglo-Norman noblewoman, and a wealthy heiress... more »

Mabell Ogilvy, Countess of Airlie

Mabell Frances Elizabeth Ogilvy, Countess of Airlie, GCVO, GBE, DStJ was a British courtier and... more »

Madame de Pompadour

Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, also known as Madame de Pompadour was a member... more »

Madame de Ventadour

Charlotte de La Motte Houdancourt, Duchess of Ventadour was the governess of King Louis XV of... more »

Madeleine de Bourbon

Madeleine de Bourbon was the Duchess of Parma and was also Carlist queen of Spain by virtue of... more »

Madeleine de La Tour d'Auvergne

Madeleine de La Tour d'Auvergne was a younger daughter of Jean III de La Tour, Count of Auvergne... more »

Madeleine of Valois

Madeleine of France, also known as Magdalene of Valois, was a French princess who became Queen... more »

Madog ap Maredudd

Madog ap Maredudd was the last Prince of the entire Kingdom of Powys, Wales and for a time held... more »

Máel Coluim I of Strathclyde

Máel Coluim I of Strathclyde was ruler of the Kingdom of Strathclyde, the probable son of one of... more »

Máel Coluim, Earl of Atholl

Máel Coluim of Atholl was Mormaer of Atholl between 1153/9 and the 1190s. The Chronicle of... more »

Máel Muire, Earl of Atholl

Máel Muire of Atholl was Mormaer of Atholl at the beginning of the 12th century, until sometime... more »

Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill

Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill, also called Máel Sechnaill Mór, Máel Sechnaill II, anglicized... more »

Mafalda of Portugal

Infanta Mafalda of Portugal was a Portuguese infanta, later Queen consort of Castile for a brief... more »

Mafalda of Portugal

Infanta Mafalda of Portugal was a Portuguese infanta, the second child and first daughter of... more »

Mafalda of Savoy, Queen of Portugal

Mafalda of Savoy was the first Queen of Portugal. She was Queen consort through her marriage, in... more »

Maffeo Barberini

Maffeo Barberini was an Italian nobleman of the Barberini and Prince of Palestrina. He was... more »

Magda Lupescu

Elena Lupescu, better known as Magda Lupescu, was the mistress of King Carol II of Romania and... more »

Magdalen Dacre

Magdalen Dacre, Viscountess Montagu was an English noblewoman. She was the daughter of William... more »

Magdalena of Brandenburg, Countess of Hohenzollern

Magdalene of Brandenburg was a German noblewoman. She was a princess of Brandenburg by birth and... more »

Magdalena of Valois

Madeleine of France, also called Magdalena of Valois, was a daughter of Charles VII of France... more »

Magdalena Rudenschöld

Magdalena Charlotta Rudenschöld, commonly known as Malla Rudenschöld and privately as Malin... more »

Magdalena Sibylla of Hesse-Darmstadt

Landgravine Magdalena Sibylla of Hesse-Darmstadt was regent of the Duchy of Württemberg from... more »

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