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Rasoherina was Queen of Madagascar from 1863 to 1868, succeeding her husband Radama II following... more »


Rastislav or Rostislav, also known as St. Rastislav, was the second known ruler of Moravia... more »

Rasul Khan

Rasul Khan was one of the finest generals of Ismael Adil Shah, the Sultan of Bijapur. In 1512,... more »

Ratibor I, Duke of Pomerania

Ratibor I of the House of Pomerania was Duke of Pomerania. He was married to Pribislawa, and was... more »

Ratibor II, Duke of Pomerania

Ratibor II was a Pomeranian duke. With his death after 1223, the Ratiboride line of the House of... more »

Ravi Varma of Padinjare Kovilakam

Ravi Varma Raja was a Samanta Kshatriya warrior prince of the Royal House of Zamorins from... more »

Rawal Umed Singh Rathore Barmer

Umed Singh was a politician from Rajasthan state, India. He was a three-term member of the... more »

Raya Malla

Raya Malla was a Malla Dynasty King of Bhaktapur, Nepal from 1482 to 1519. He established the... more »

Raya Raghunatha Tondaiman

Raja Sri Raya Raghunatha Tondaiman was the ruler of Pudukkottai kingdom from 28 December 1769 to... more »

Raymond Berengar of Andria

Raymond Berengar was the count of Andria and possibly Count of Provence and Prince of... more »

Raymond I, Count of Pallars and Ribagorza

Raymond I was the first independent Count of Pallars and Ribagorza from 872 until his death... more »

Raymond II of Rouergue

Raymond II was the count of Rouergue and Quercy from 937 to his death. Under Raymond, Rouergue... more »

Raymond II, Count of Toulouse

Raymond II was the Count of Toulouse, Nîmes, and Albi. He was the, probably elder, son of Odo of... more »

Raymond III of Rouergue

Raymond III was the count of Rouergue and Quercy from 961 or 965 to his death. Raymond achieved... more »

Raymond III, Count of Tripoli

Raymond III of Tripoli was Count of Tripoli from 1152 to 1187 and Prince of Galilee and Tiberias... more »

Raymond of Poitiers

Raymond of Poitiers was Prince of Antioch from 1136 to 1149. He was the younger son of William... more »

Raymond Pons, Count of Toulouse

Raymond Pons, who may be numbered Raymond III or Pons I, was the Count of Toulouse from 924. In... more »

Raymond V, Count of Toulouse

Raymond V was Count of Toulouse from 1148 until his death in 1194. He was the son of Alphonse I... more »

Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse

Raymond VI was count of Toulouse and marquis of Provence from 1194 to 1222. He was also count of... more »

Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse

Raymond VII of Saint-Gilles was Count of Toulouse, Duke of Narbonne and Marquis of Provence from... more »


Razadarit was king of Hanthawaddy Pegu from 1384 to 1421, and is considered one of the greatest... more »

Redmond Burke, Baron Leitrim

Redmond Burke, Baron Leitrim, Irish noble and soldier, fl. 1580s–1602. more »

Reema bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Reema bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is the daughter of Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. more »

Reginald Crook, 1st Baron Crook

Reginald Douglas Crook, 1st Baron Crook, was a British civil servant and United Nations... more »

Reginald Grey, 2nd Baron Grey de Ruthyn

Reginald Grey, 2nd Baron Grey de Ruthyn was the son of Roger Grey, 1st Baron Grey de Ruthyn and... more »

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